Where does Blue Apron get their chicken? (+7 Healthy tips for chicken)

In this post, we will be explaining where Blue Apron gets its chicken from. We will also be showing you various tips that you can use to cook chicken in a much healthier manner. Lastly, we will be showing you some unique features that are present in Blue Apron, that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service today.

 Where does Blue Apron get their chicken?

More than 10 percent of the chicken in the Blue Apron meal kits come from pasture-raised birds. The rest come from chickens which are raised in enhanced welfare indoors systems which are fed only vegetarian feed. The birds are also free of any antibiotics and also lack any steroids for growth promotion.

Healthy tips to cook chicken

Chicken is perhaps a staple in almost every household. It is cheap, easily available and quite versatile. If you usually eat chicken on a regular basis, you can use the tips shared below to make your meals a lot healthier for you and your household.

 Remove the skin

While chicken is actually a great source of lean protein, the skin of the bird can contain a lot of fat which can be unhealthy for you. If you are aiming to be healthier, you can try removing the skin of the chicken entirely and then cooking it. This can remove a sizable chunk of fat from the chicken, and make your meals filled with more protein and less fat.

Cook smartly

While cooking your chicken, you can try cooking it in a smarter manner. While everyone loves some Louisiana-style fried chicken, deep frying any kind of meat can actually be pretty unhealthy. Instead of frying your chicken, you can try grilling it or even poaching it. Another way to go is to bake the chicken, which can lend a crispier crust.

Follow the 1/4th rule

If you eat chicken on a daily basis, you can follow the 1/4th rule to create a more balanced intake. According to the 1/4th rule, only 25 percent of your plate should be covered with meat, including chicken. The rest of your plate should be covered with healthy veggies and greens that can create a better combination of nutrients for your body.

 Marinade properly

To bring more flavors to chicken, we often marinate the meat with spices and seasonings for some time, to ensure that the taste penetrates the flesh properly. However, most of the marinades that we usually use contain a lot of salt and fats. Try using healthy marinades like low-fat buttermilk that can be delicious as well as tenderizing for the chicken.   

Use a meal kit service

To eat chicken in a healthy manner, it is first and foremost important to get the right type of chicken. While it can sometimes be difficult to source free-range chickens when you live in the city, you can do this easily by subscribing to a meal kit delivery service like Blue Apron, which only uses healthy and injection-free birds for its meal kits.

Add less salt

When we are cooking with chicken, it can be tempting to add salt to bring out more flavors. However, salt can be dangerous and pretty unhealthy when consumed in large amounts. Try adding salt only if necessary. Also, you can always use alternatives like lemon juice that not only make the chicken tangy, but increase the vitamin C intake in your diet.

Eat more veggies

The last and most important thing to remember is to eat a lot more veggies and greens while eating chicken. Most of us opt to eat carbs like bread and biscuits with our chicken, which can be too starchy and bad for our health. Instead, go for veggies and greens that add more fiber and nutrients to your meal.

Unique features of Blue Apron

Blue Apron, as a meal kit delivery service, has several unique features that customers are sure to love. These unique features are:

  • Blue Apron has a wine delivery service, which is perhaps one of its most-used features. The wine delivery service in Blue Apron delivers wine bottles for the customers, which even come in small sizes suitable for singles and couples. Along with the wine bottle, information about the wine and even recommendations for wine pairing are given. 
  • Blue Apron allows customers to make several types of changes to their recipes. Customers can choose to swap one ingredient for another as per their choosing. They can also upgrade any ingredient for a more premium one. The customers can also choose to add desserts and sides to their meal kit in the form of add-ons.
  • Blue Apron also has a market where the customer can purchase kitchenware for their household needs. The kitchenware is in the form of pots and pans and even appliances like electric ovens. There is also a pantry section from which the customer can purchase seasonings and spices to use in their cooking.


In this post, we have explained where Blue Apron gets its chicken from. We have also shown you various tips that you can use to cook chicken in a much healthier manner. Lastly, we have shown you some unique features that are present in Blue Apron, that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service today.

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