Where do banana seeds come from? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “where do banana seeds come from?”. We will discuss how bananas get their seeds, and how to gather your own banana seeds. In the end, we will talk about how to know if there are seeds in bananas. 

Where do banana seeds come from? 

The seeds of most bananas may be found inside them. Bananas fall within the category of berries; however, not all berries may have seeds. 

Instead, they have fleshy sections of the fruit that are referred to as pits. When it comes to bananas, the seeds are really contained inside the fleshy components of the fruit itself.

Bananas do contain seeds. Though it isn’t as frequent in current fruit varieties as it formerly was. East African and Southeast Asian bananas contain little black seeds within.

If you come across a banana that is still seeded while you are out and about shopping or purchasing be sure to pick it up since it is a delectable treat. 

Banana seeds are present inside bananas but every banana doesn’t contain seeds inside. Banana seeds also have several colors from black to purple depending on the type of banana. 

How to gather banana seeds?

To get banana seeds for planting, wait until the fruit is completely mature before collecting it. After peeling off the banana’s rind, cut it in half lengthwise, and scrape out the banana’s seeds.

Put in a jar with water, and let rest at room temperature for two weeks. After two weeks, the water should be drained and thrown away. 

Place between five and eight seeds in the bottom of a container that has been filled with either potting soil or earth. A thick layer of earth or compost should be applied.

Water thoroughly until the seedlings appear and continue to do so as they mature. Banana plants may be grown outside in your yard, but they also perform very well when grown inside in a well-lit, humid environment. One year after planting a banana seed, the fruit will be ready to eat.

Facts about banana seeds

Banana plants are cultivated from seed. Bananas have yellow seeds, but the fruits that grow from them may be any shade of yellow, green, purple, red, or even a combination of these.

There are anywhere from one to six seeds in a single fruit depending on the kind of banana plant, although the majority of banana cultivars fall somewhere in that range.

The Cavendish type has the highest number of seeds located inside each individual fruit. It is impossible to cultivate banana plants outdoors in tropical climates.

Temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit are required for them to flourish effectively. Banana plants don’t mind what kind of soil they’re put in as long as it’s organic or contains compost and fertilizer.

How do bananas get their seeds?

Nearly 2,000 years ago when bananas were initially farmed, the plants were not produced for their seeds but rather for the bananas themselves. 

Instead, the fruit’s seeds were included to prevent the plant from spreading. Farmers might assure genetic variety by doing so.

Despite the fact that the majority of current banana types lack seeds, a few still have them. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a banana that has seeds, you will need to wait until the fruit is quite ripe or even spoiled before eating it so that you can locate the seeds. 

It has been reported that they have a flavor similar to hazelnuts or almonds. Banana seeds are tiny, measuring around a one-quarter inch in length. The banana plant, in reality, develops a small green seed pod that may carry up to four seeds. 

How to know if there are seeds in a banana?

Cut off one end of the fruit, and then peek inside it. There should be a few black dots hiding in there somewhere. These very minute black specks are what we refer to as seeds. 

These black dots are banana seeds, that are several in number and vary in color and size. Not all bananas have the same seeds. Different types of banana have different seeds. 

Banana seeds also don’t have the same size. It depends on the type of banana because there are several types of banana available. But the black color seeds are very common in all types of seeds. 

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In this brief article, we answered the question “where do banana seeds come from?”. We discussed how bananas get their seeds, and how to gather your own banana seeds. In the end, we talked about how to know if there are seeds in bananas. 



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