Where can I find fresh yeast? (+3 things to consider)

In this article, we will answer the question “Where can I find fresh yeast?”, and what are the types of yeast?

Where can I find fresh yeast?

In the US, Compressed/Cake Yeast is readily available in most large supermarkets in or near the dairy section of the store. Fleischmann’s Yeast is a common brand. The four major websites you can find fresh yeast are:

  1. Lesaffre Yeast Corporation 
  2. Fabko
  3. Kitchen Kneads
  4. Rockland Kosher 

Things to consider when buying fresh yeast online 

How it’s shipped

How the yeast is packed and how it is shipped is very important because fresh yeast does not last long. Some companies freeze store the fresh yeast for extended shelf-life. Some people do not prefer their fresh yeast to be frozen. Therefore, the call is yours.

Your experience 

As compared to dry or instant yeast, fresh yeast has a shorter shelf-life. Plus It is comparatively a little difficult to handle. If you are new to using fresh yeast, consider buying it from a website that also tells you the instructions to use and handle fresh yeast.

 If there isn’t a certain reason why you are buying fresh yeast, go for dry or instant yeast because they are easy to handle for newbies.

Other products 

If you want yeats, you are probably baking bread, pizza, or other baked products for which you will need a lot of other ingredients as well. 

Therefore, It is always good to choose a store or website that has all the other related ingredients. This way you can get all your required ingredients all at once.

The function of Yeast in baking

Yeast is a fungus that consists of a single cell. As the baking powder, it also acts as a leavening agent in baking. But the process through which it produces carbon-di-oxide is biological. The biological reaction, called fermentation, uses the starch in bread and ferments it to gas, alcohol, and water.

The alcohol evaporates during baking but helps develop gluten and add a lot of flavor to the bread, unlike baking powder. The gas produce helps raise the bread.

Different types of Yeast used in baking

Instant yeast

It has a smaller grain size and a greater number of live yeast cells per unit volume than active dry yeast. As the name suggests, this yeast needs no time for rehydration and is directly poured into the dough mixture.

Osmotolerant yeast

High salt and sugar concentration hinder yeast growth. Hence, in bread with higher sugar content, osmotolerant yeast comes to the rescue.

Cream yeast

Cream yeast is just compressed yeast in a liquid state. This compressed yeat slurry is widely used by bread industries.

Active dry yeast

It is relatively stable than other forms of yeast and has bigger grains than instant yeast. It is sold in its dormant form and requires proofing before adding to the dough.

Brewer’s yeast

As the name suggests, it is used by breweries to make alcohol. Brewer’s yeast is also used for its nutritional benefits. It keeps the digestive system healthy and has considerable amounts of chromium.

Rapid-rise yeast

It is a type of instant yeast but with a smaller grain size and a greater dissolution rate. It provides a pronounced carbon dioxide yield.

Compressed yeast

It is basically dry cream yeast shaped into small or large blocks wrapped with foil. Despite being very perishable, it is still used in bakeries.

How long does yeast last?

In the refrigeratorIn the freezer
Past printed datePast printed date
Dry active yeast(unopened)2-4 months4 months
Cake yeast(unopened)1-2 weeks2-3 months
Dry active yeast(opened)4-6 months6 months
Cake yeast(opened)4 monthsNot recommended

How to store yeast?

There are two types of yeast that are used frequently by home bakers and commercial bakeries namely:

  • Dry yeast
  • Fresh yeast

Dry yeast is quite shelf-stable due to which an unopened packet of dry yeast will be good in the pantry if kept away from stove heat, direct sunlight, and moisture. As soon as you open the packet, the dormant yeast granules become vulnerable to spoilage. Therefore, it needs to be refrigerated.

You cannot refrigerate dry yeast in an open packet. The humid environment of the fridge will destroy the quality of yeast. To overcome this, transfer the yeast to a zip-locked freezer bag and store it.

Fresh yeast, also called, cake or compressed yeast is more susceptible to spoilage. It is sold in refrigerated form and must be stored in the refrigerator t keep it alive.


In this article, we answered the question “Where can I find fresh yeast?”, and what are the types of yeast?




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