Where are oranges grown in the US? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “where are oranges grown in the US?“. We will discuss when Florida oranges bloom and when they are available in Florida.

Where are oranges grown in the US? 

Oranges are grown  in Florida, the United States of America. There has long been a large commercial orange farming industry there. Since the middle of the 1800s, Florida groves have been used for the commercial cultivation of oranges.

Florida’s peculiar soil texture and subtropical environment were excellent for cultivating the seed that the early immigrants sowed and have prospered ever since.

Only Brazil produces more orange juice than Florida, and it is still the world’s biggest orange producer. Florida grows more than 70% of the citrus that the US needs.

More than ninety percent of orange juice consumed in the United States is produced from oranges that were grown in the state of Florida. The majority of Florida’s citrus crop is sorted into canned, refrigerated, or frozen juices. 

This accounts for close to 87 percent of all citrus produced in the state. The production of citrus has a beneficial effect on the ecosystem of Florida. A contemporary design for groves makes it possible to preserve enormous swaths of land that would otherwise be developed. 

This results in the creation of a fantastic habitat for animals and a natural barrier between agricultural grounds and built regions. Florida state provides most of the oranges to the US. 

When do Florida oranges bloom?

Orange trees, like all other fruit-bearing trees, bloom in order to increase their chances of successful orange reproduction. Orange trees bloom to reproduce, therefore they bloom after Florida’s tough winter months. 

Orange blossoms normally appear in March, just as the state of Florida prepares to return to its summer heat.

After blooming, orange trees go through a process known as dropping. The first drop takes place near the conclusion of the bloom when the trees begin to shed the unpollinated blossoms that have been clinging to their branches. 

These early drops preserve the citrus trees in good condition and direct resources to some of the most promising fruit. At this point, the oranges are ripening and falling off of the trees, this is the last drop before harvesting.

When are oranges available in Florida?

To put it simply, oranges are available year-round in Florida. Throughout the course of the year, many orange cultivars will be available for purchase. 

It is possible for growers to have year-round groves of many orange types, or they may choose for monoculture, where just one variety of orange is grown year-round.

Oranges develop and grow at varying speeds according to the species. Oranges that can stand the cold, like Hamlin and Parson Brown, are ready to be picked in the early season, from October to January. 

Despite its reputation as a delicious orange, the Parson Brown is less economically viable than the Hamlin. Disease-resistant Parson Browns are, on the other hand, widely recognized for avoiding citrus greening, a devastating tree disease.

Other orange kinds are picked towards the middle of the season, between the months of December and March. Oranges like Gardners, Sunstars, and Sanguinello, which are a type of blood orange, are popular in the middle of the season. 

They are noted for being juicy and sweet, which makes them ideal for eating as they are Sunstar oranges that yield a juice that has a deeper hue, 

Late-season oranges are harvested from February to June in Florida. Valencia oranges are popular among Florida orange producers and homeowners. 

These trees are perfect for people who are patient because it needs 10 to 14 years to bear fruit, but they keep giving out tasty oranges for around a decade.

When is the Florida orange season?

Beginning in October and lasting all the way through June, oranges may be picked fresh off the tree. However, orange producers produce various types during different months. Florida can produce oranges more than once a year because of their temperature and soil texture. 

While oranges may be Florida’s most well-known fruit, you shouldn’t overlook the state’s other wonderful products. These parts of the world produce a wide variety of citrus fruits, including grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines, and tangelos, all of which are delicious. 

Oranges and other fruits may be found being grown on Florida’s rich soils. The largest oranges production in Florida is possible due to its nutritional soil. The soil texture and temperature of Florida are excellent for orange production


In this brief article, we answered the question “where are oranges grown in the us?“. We discussed when Florida oranges bloom and when they are available in Florida.



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