When was Blue Apron founded? (+3 Blue Apron limitations)

In this post, we will be answering when Blue Apron was founded. We will also be checking out some of the best features that are present in Blue Apron, as a meal kit delivery service. Finally, we will be noting some of the limitations that are present in Blue Apron, which customers have experienced in the past.

When was Blue Apron founded?

Blue Apron was founded in August 2012 by Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas. The entire aim of Blue Apron is to encourage people to cook more at home and fall in love with cooking. For this purpose, Blue Apron develops meal kits which contain the required ingredients for anyone to cook a healthy and nutritious meal in no time.

 Best features of Blue Apron

Blue Apron as a meal kit delivery service has a number of fantabulous features that make it stand out from its other competitors. The best features of this meal kit delivery service have been showcased in the following section.

Blue Apron uses only the freshest ingredients

Only the freshest of ingredients are used in Blue Apron, and therefore the customer does not need to worry about the safety and quality of these products. The vegetables and fruits come from farms which do not use any harmful chemicals while harvesting the crops. The meat and poultry comes from grass-fed and antibiotic-free animals and birds.

There are pre-cooked options as well

In Blue Apron, not all the meal kits need to be cooked from scratch. There are also many pre-cooked options called Heat & Eat options that only need to be heated in the microwave for a few minutes. These Heat & Eat options are pre-prepared and come frozen to the customer, in the style of TV dinners.

The brand is sustainable

More and more customers are looking for sustainable brands which are doing their bit to leave a greener Earth for future generations. Blue Apron is definitely one such company. As of March, 2022, Blue Apron is carbon neutral. Its sustainability practices also extend to its sourcing, and thus all the meat and produce come from vendors who use Earth-friendly practices.

 The recipes are simple, yet challenging

Blue Apron is not just any other meal kit delivery service. This company aims to make people fall in love with cooking at home all over again. And thus, the recipes in Blue Apron are simple and yet present a challenge to the customer. There are even premium recipes in Blue Apron that teach the customer new cooking skills and recipes.

There are WW approved meals

In Blue Apron, the customer can also find WW approved meals. These meals are created through collaboration with WW, formerly called Weight Watchers, and can be fantastic for those who are trying to lose weight. The recipes in these meals are low in calories, rich in nutrition and delicious in taste.

There are diabetes friendly recipes

Blue Apron also has several diabetes-friendly recipes for those who are battling this disease. These recipes have been created through a partnership with the American Diabetes Association and use only ingredients that are low in starch content. The customers are also encouraged to not add extra salt to these recipes as the ingredients come rightly seasoned.

 There is a market place here

There is also a market in Blue Apron, where the customers can purchase kitchenware and other essentials. The kitchenware is not only limited to pans and pots, but also have appliances like electric ovens here. Additionally, there are also seasonings and spices that customers can purchase to use in their cooking.

Customers can make changes to their meal kits

Customers can also make lots of changes to their meal kits depending on their needs and preferences. In Blue Apron, the customer can choose to swap one ingredient for another and can upgrade their ingredients for more premium options. In addition to this, they can also choose add-ons in the form of sides and desserts for their meal kits.

Blue Apron has a wine delivery service

One of the unique features that are present in Blue Apron is the wine delivery service. In this, the customer can choose from a large collection of different wines, which also come in small bottles that singles and couples will enjoy. The wine is delivered with a leaflet that contains plenty of information about the history of the wine and its recommended pairings.

Limitations of Blue Apron

While Blue Apron has a large number of advantageous features, there are also certain limitations in this meal kit delivery service, like,

  • The meals still need to be cooked from scratch, and thus customers who are very tired after a long day might not like the meal kits in Blue Apron.
  • Home chefs who are already advanced in their cooking skills might not like Blue Apron as the recipes are simple and designed to create a challenge for those who are new to cooking.
  • While the wine delivery is one of the best features in Blue Apron, this service is not available in all the regions of the US due to varying state laws.


In this post, we have answered when Blue Apron was founded. We have also checked out some of the best features that are present in Blue Apron, as a meal kit delivery service. Finally, we have noted some of the limitations that are present in Blue Apron, which customers have experienced in the past.

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