When can you eat a squirrel

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question, “When can you eat a squirrel?”

When can you eat a squirrel?

You can eat a squirrel during the winter months. Fortunately, most countries only allow hunting of the squirrels in the winter, when conditions are ideal for killing them. 

Ticks and other parasites are less active during this season of year, which reduces the burden of parasites they have to deal with.

Bring a cooler or a chilled container with you there on your winter squirrel hunts so you can rapidly clean the animals and refrigerate the meat to kill any bacteria or parasites.

Squirrels have been getting so much attention lately, because of the growing interest in sustainable foods among customers and the constant quest for novelty among chefs.

Tips to know which squirrel is safe to eat.

Squirrels are a viable food source for those who enjoy eating wildlife or who are avid hunters. But before you go out and hope to catch a squirrel for supper, here are a few things to remember on how to tell whether a squirrel is safe to eat or not.

  • You should never eat a dead squirrel.
  • Avoid eating squirrels during the summer since they are a prime breeding ground for fleas, ticks, and other parasites.
  • Do not eat backyard squirrels since they may have ingested harmful pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Always use caution while consuming wild squirrels because of the risk of catching illness from their prions.

What are the best areas for hunting squirrels?

Tree-dwelling squirrels may be found over the entirety of the United States’s continental territory. Dense forests of hardwood trees like ash, oaks, and hickory are a common habitat for these animals since these species require a wide variety of nutrients to survive.

One of the finest places to go squirrel hunting is near a body of water, as trees in these areas tend to produce more nuts and fruit. If you want to go hunting near water, bring knee boots or you can bring hip waders. Squirrel activity may be identified by the presence of telltale indicators like shattered acorn, nuts, and bark on the forest floor.

What is the best time for hunting squirrels?

Early to mid-fall is the best squirrel hunting season since that’s when squirrels start storing food for the winters. 

Squirrels are the most active in the morning while they are foraging for food and are less active in the afternoon when it is the hottest outside. They are more likely to be out hunting from early afternoon until after dark.

Obviously, there can be variation among species in this regard. Gray squirrels, for instance, start their day of foraging far before sunrise. When hunting fox squirrels, though, your best hope is the two to four hours immediately following sunrise.

Here are some tips for hunting squirrels.

Picking a Gun

A successful hunt or a disappointing lack of trophies might hinge on the weapon used.

  • The shotgun.
  • A bow. 
  • 22-caliber rifle.

Squirrels may be taken by either using a passive strategy or an aggressive one. Active hunting is pursuing squirrels through the woods, whereas passive hunting entails locating a site and waiting for your prey to come to you. 

There is no significant difference in success between the two approaches, nevertheless, there are certain guidelines that may be followed to improve your odds.

Take Your Time

The key to success while hunting squirrels is patience. Don’t waste your bullets on a moving target; hold your fire until the squirrel stops.

Put on your camouflage gear.

The surprise factor is greatly increased when hunting by wearing clothing that blends in with the background or is completely invisible to the target. However, keep in mind that for your own protection, squirrel hunting in some areas may need the use of bright orange safety vests.

Rat Colony Management

Keep pebbles on hand as a weapon. To scare away a squirrel hiding in the branches, throw a pebble in its direction. These quick-moving animals can easily disappear into the treetops if you aren’t prepared to take the photo.

Move Quietly

Since squirrels are naturally timid, they often retreat to their dens when they hear loud noises. Take cautious not to stomp on any sticks or create too much of a racket.

Keep an Ear and an Eye Out

Squirrel hunting is an activity in which your hearing, not your eyes, will be most useful. In a calm setting, you can easily identify squirrels by the sounds they make, which include chatter, scratching, as well as the sound of debris falling to the forest floor.

Refer to the Sun’s Altitude

If you turn your back to the sun, the squirrel will have a harder time seeing you. You should lean against a tree and face the shaded side of the tree if you want to relax in the sun. While a bonus, you won’t have to worry about the sun distracting you as you aim.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “When can you eat squirrels?”