What’s the difference between latte and coffee?

In this short text, we will provide the answer to the question: “What’s the difference between latte and coffee?. In addition, we will explain what coffee is, what is a latte and we will also discuss how much caffeine is in a latte.

What’s the difference between latte and coffee?

The main difference between coffee and latte is that coffee is brewed with roasted coffee beans and hot water, while latte is an Italian version made with steamed milk and espresso.

We already know that everyone loves both types of drinks, be it black coffee or latte, most of us have the habit of having at least one cup in the morning every day. However, there is a big difference between both drinks, especially when we check the ingredients involved in the preparation of each drink.

While coffee is a strong drink, with a strong bitter taste and not sweet, latte is a more pleasant drink on the palate, since milk brings a mildness to the coffee’s bitterness. If you are lactose intolerant you should always ask the barista to use lactose free milk in your latte!

What is coffee?

We call coffee the preparation that incorporates the infusion of roasted coffee beans ground with hot water. Whether it’s pure coffee or coffee with added sugar, this drink doesn’t take any other ingredients like evaporated milk and its manufacturing method is simple and straightforward.

A regular cup of black coffee has approximately 2.4 calories and is a perfect drink for those people who want to have energy but don’t want to ingest a lot of calories.

The coffee can have added sugar, milk, spices or even be served chilled. In most coffee shops around the world, if you order a black coffee, or just regular or normal coffee, you will only receive the coffee without adding any other ingredients, with the cream and sugar being served separately with the drink.

There are several types of coffee brewing methods and all of them result in a dark, slightly bitter, sweet-free beverage with a high content of caffeine and antioxidant compounds. Whether black coffee or added with other ingredients, such as sugar and milk, coffee is consumed worldwide and one of the main beverages found in every household around the world.

What is latte?

Unlike traditional coffee, latte is made using cappuccino (or espresso coffee) plus a generous amount of milk or its foam on top of the cup.

Latte is a “heavier” drink, this is due to the smaller amount of foam that is present in greater volume in cappuccino. Furthermore, latte is a lighter drink and the coffee flavor is much more present in cappuccino.

Before preparing a latte at home, you should go to a cafeteria and try a delicious, freshly made latte, to understand the full complexity of the flavors of each of the ingredients. If you already know the drink and would like to know how to make it, the step-by-step guide is available below.

  1. You should have a coffee machine with a steam wand/arm and you should start steaming the milk at the same time you make the cappuccino in the coffee maker
  2.  The milk must reach a temperature between 130 and 140 degrees and the cappuccino should be made at the latte glass
  3. While your cappuccino is ready, wait for the milk foam to settle a bit, ensuring you get a more consistent froth and hot milk below the foam
  4. When the cappuccino is ready, you can pour the milk into the latte cup that contains the espresso
  5. Leave to add the frothy part last, it should stay on top of the drink.

How much caffeine is in a latte?

Regular double espresso latte has an average of 128 mg of caffeine per cup. Therefore, we have an average of 64 mg of caffeine per shot of cappuccino in the latte.

If you want to avoid caffeine consumption or are intolerant of it, you should ask the barista to use a caffeine-free cappuccino. Caffeine-free coffee has a bad reputation but some high quality decaffeinated coffees taste great.

If you want to make latte at home, you should use quality coffee beans and milk, as these are the main ingredients in latte. In addition, you should use a cup large enough to hold the cappuccino shots, milk, and milk foam.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve certainly tasted latte and have your own opinion about the product. Some people prefer only black coffee, others already like to add milk to their coffee, whatever your taste, regular coffee consumption is associated with health benefits and maintaining this habit can help maintain your health.


In this short text, we provided the answer to the question: “What’s the difference between latte and coffee?. In addition, we explained what coffee is, what is a latte and we also discussed how much caffeine is in a latte.



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