What’s better Postmates or Uber Eats? (+Unique Features)

This article will discuss if Postmates or Uber Eats is better as a food delivery app. In addition to this, we will be checking out some of the unique features that are available in Postmates. We will also be looking at the best features in Uber Eats. Both Postmates and Uber Eats are popular apps, while the latter operates in many more countries than the former.

What’s better Postmates or Uber Eats?

When we compare the ratings of these food delivery apps in the Apple App store and the Google Play store, we can see that Uber Eats has a much higher rating than Postmates. And thus, it is safe to say that Uber Eats is the much more popular and better option when it comes to quick and easy food delivery.

Unique features of Postmates

Postmates was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco. This food delivery app has a large number of unique features that make it very popular, such as:

Postmates allows curbside pick-up

In light of the pandemic, Postmates allows curbside pick-up from restaurants. It also allows contactless delivery to reduce the chances of infection for both customers and delivery persons. The curbside pick-up feature is, however, not available in all the restaurants. When the order is being placed, the customer can easily opt for the curbside pick-up option to avail this feature.

It has a Postmates Party feature

Postmates also has a Postmates Party feature, which is a pretty new addition to its wide range of features. Through the Postmates Party feature, customers who are ordering from the same locality as several others can enjoy free delivery. This has become quite popular due to its cost-saving ability.

It is available round the clock

Postmates functions throughout the year, and also at any time of the day. Unlike many other food delivery apps, this ability of Postmates is the main reason for its popularity. Those customers who have forgotten to order meals or groceries can fearlessly do so through Postmates even late at night. 

It also allows pick up from stores

Postmates not only delivers food from restaurants to hungry customers. In addition to this, it also brings groceries and other staple goods to customers. Thus, customers can expect to receive food as well as office supplies at any time of the day through Postmates. Postmates has partnered with convenience stores like 7-Eleven and many more for this purpose.

It makes the ordering process pretty easy

The food ordering process in Postmates is pretty easy and very quick. This food delivery app has taken great pains to add plenty of information and pictures about the meals and dishes from the restaurant that the customer is browsing. It also has many categories that customers can go to if they are looking for something specific, such as vegetarian options, junk food, and others.

Unique features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps for good reason. The unique features that customers can expect to find in this app have been explored in the points as follows.

Uber Eats allows riders to pick up food

A new feature that Uber Eats has brought in is to help riders who are using the ride-hailing services of Uber. In this feature, the customer who is riding in an Uber taxi can easily check out restaurants that are delivering on their route and order food. The customer can then pick up their food on the way to their location, thus ensuring that they have a hot meal when they arrive.

It has a map feature

It also has a map feature through which the customers can closely explore a certain locality or area’s restaurants. Through this feature, the customer will be able to check even small eateries and holes-in-the-walls that might go unnoticed otherwise. In addition to this, the customer also enjoys a smaller delivery fee and faster delivery.

It has a pre-ordering feature

Uber Eats also has a pre-ordering feature, which is in fact one of its most popular features. In this pre-ordering feature, the customer can order their meals much in advance. Uber Eats allows customers to order their meals up to seven days earlier. The scheduled orders can also be saved from busy fees.

It shows a personalized collection

In addition to the above features, Uber Eats has a personalized collection through which the customer is shown restaurants and dishes they personally will like. This is done using Artificial Intelligence which uses the data in the ordering history of the customer. This feature increases the chances of the customer placing an order, and also makes the choices easier for them.

It allows various modes of payments

Uber Eats allows customers to pay for their meals through a variety of payments. Customers can opt to pay for their orders through credit cards or debit cards and even online banking. In addition to this, the customers can also use digital wallets such as Google Pay, iOS Pay and Amazon Pay.


This article has discussed if Postmates or Uber Eats is better as a food delivery app. In addition to this, we have checked out some of the unique features that are available in Postmates. We have also looked at the best features in Uber Eats.

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