What’s a good tip for Uber Eats? (+5 Tips for drivers)

This post will discuss what a good tip is for Uber Eats. We will also explain how you can add a tip for your Uber Eats delivery driver. Finally, we will check out a few ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more money through tips. Uber Eats and other food delivery apps are not only great for customers but also for millions of drivers who work for these as gig-workers.

What’s a good tip for Uber Eats?

A great tip for Uber Eats delivery drivers can be anywhere from 20% to 30% of the order subtotal. Some people say 15% to 20% is ideal and the amount can go higher if the delivery driver went the extra mile to make the experience a great one for the customer. However, tipping itself can differ from culture to culture and in some is considered an insult.

How to add a tip for your Uber Eats delivery driver?

Uber Eats allows customers to add their tip for the drivers through three ways: while placing the order, right after the delivery has been completed or much later after the delivery has been completed. These ways have been explained as follows.

  • To add a tip while placing your order, you will need to find the restaurant that you want to order from and add the items that you need to your cart. You can then go to the ‘Review and Pay’ screen where you will find an option to add a tip. Choose the amount that you want to add or enter your own amount.
  • To add a tip once your delivery has been completed, you can follow the prompts in the app which will ask you to rate and review the delivery. Here, you can also add a tip for your delivery driver after which you will receive an updated email with the tip included.
  • If you want to add a tip much later after the order has been delivered, you can do so through your Order History. Simply go to your Order History and sift through your various orders and find the one to which you want to add the tip. Tap on the ‘Add Tip’ option and make the payment.

How can Uber Eats drivers earn more tips from customers?

Uber Eats drivers make a major chunk of their earnings through tips. However, not all customers tip and even if they do it is not always guaranteed to be a great tip. In order to earn more through tips from customers, Uber Eats drivers can follow the suggestions given in this section.

By practicing great customer service

The best way to be assured of great tips from your customers is by practicing great customer service. This means being kind and courteous to your customer while meeting them and even wishing them a great day during delivery. It also means calling the customer ahead and informing them of any delays or changes in the food order process.

By asking for ratings

It also means asking for ratings from the customer. This is especially great for those customers who might forget to add a tip while placing the order. When they are ready to rate, the app will immediately ask them if they want to add a tip. This can serve as a superb reminder for the customer to leave a tip for the delivery driver.

By using an insulated food bag

By using an insulated food bag, the delivery driver can additionally guarantee tips for themselves. The insulated food bag is to preserve the quality of the dish from the restaurant to the customer’s table. The delivery driver should also remember to separate the hot items from the cold ones in order to keep these fresh and tasting good.

In addition to these ways, there are many more through which the Uber Eats delivery driver can make more earnings than just by tips. The basic rule of these gigs is to increase the number of delivery opportunities. The best of these have been explained as follows.

By completing Quests

Uber Eats gives out bonuses and incentives to its delivery drivers if they complete Quests. These Quests are a certain number of deliveries that need to be completed within a set limit of time. By completing these Quests the delivery driver can earn a lot more money through earnings as well as incentives like coupons and offers that can be used in certain restaurants.

By choosing the right hotspots

The Uber Eats delivery driver makes money by completing delivery orders which means they need to keep the delivery requests coming. A great way to assure this is to choose the right hotspot. These hotspots are areas like strip malls which have a higher number of restaurants. Being near these will allow the delivery driver to earn more money through lots of requests.


This post has discussed what a good tip is for Uber Eats. We have also explained how you can add a tip for your Uber Eats delivery driver. Finally, we have checked out a few ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more money through tips.

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