What type of corn is popcorn

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “what type of corn is popcorn?”. We will also discuss how to grow popcorn kernels. In the end, we will discuss how does popcorn pop.

What type of corn is popcorn?

Zea Mays Everta corn is used to make popcorn and it is a healthy whole grain. Although it appears like a normal corn kernel, this is the only kind that can pop and become a tasty snack.

The kernels that make popcorn are different from other types of corn we usually eat.

There are many different kinds of corn (maize) in the world, such as popcorn, sweet corn, flint corn, field corn, etc. Popcorn is interesting because it is the only one of these types of corn that pops.

There are many well-known types of maize. The Zea mays everta variety is the only one that will pop. Even though this seems like a small number, there are actually about a hundred different varieties of this grain, and each one is different in taste, texture, and how it pops.

The structures of pearl and rice popcorn give them their names. Rice popcorn is lengthier than pearl popcorn, which is spherical.

Both kinds come in a range of colors, like red, blue, pink, and yellow, and some ears have kernels that are more than one color. Popcorn grows the same way as other kinds of corn in a rich, well-drained soil with plenty of water and full sunlight during the growing season. 

Seeding popcorn immediately into warm soil in the field is recommended since it does not transplant well. 

Also, you shouldn’t ever grow popcorn and other types of corn together because they will cross-pollinate. When different different types of corn cross-pollinate, it can make popcorn less likely to pop.

The United States makes more popcorn than any other country. It grows in Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska most of the time.  

Almost 30,000 seeds are needed for one acre of land. When the plant is ready, the corn is collected and put through a machine that takes the kernels off the cob.

These kernels have their moisture level optimized for popping by being dried in a specific container. To pop, the kernel requires a moisture level of about 14%. 

Since this kind of corn requires a relatively little amount of moisture to form its characteristic shape, it may be prepared in a matter of minutes.

In contrast to sweet corn, which is picked while the kernels are still immature and sensitive, popcorn is collected after the husks have turned brown and the kernels have hardened entirely. 

After you pick the ears, take off the husks and put the ears in a mesh bag. Then, put the mesh bag in a warm, dry place. 

Take a couple out every once in a while and check how nicely they pop. When that happens, you know the corn is dry enough to shell and put in an airtight container.

After the span of time during which the popcorn kernels are allowed to cure, you will need to extract the corn from the cob, shell the kernels, winnow the grains, and then store them in sealed containers. When stored in this manner, popcorn keeps its original moisture levels and has a shelf life of many months.

How does popcorn pop?

When popcorn kernels get hot, the water in the starchy endosperm turns into steam and explodes, turning the kernel inside out.

When you make popcorn in a pan, the moisture in the kernels heats up and turns into vapor if the temperature is above 375°F (190.56°C). As the water keeps getting hotter, pressure is built inside the kernel, which pushes on the pericarp.

And there is too much pressure inside the pericarp, the kernel grows to more than 20 times its actual size and explodes, making the popping sound.  When the corn breaks, the starch comes out and turns it inside out.

After that, all you have to do is season it and eat it. That’s how we get the stuff we love that is white, crunchy, and fluffy popcorn.


In this brief article, we answered the question “what type of corn is popcorn?”. Wel also discussed how to grow popcorn kernels. In the end, we discussed how does popcorn pop.