What to do if I spill coffee on the keyboard?

In this article, we will provide you the answer to the question: “What to do if I spill coffee on the keyboard?”. Also, we will discuss how to clean your computer keyboard with spilled coffee yourself.

What to do with spilled coffee on the keyboard?

Regardless of whether it is coffee or other liquid, the first step is to turn off your notebook immediately if you have spilled on your computer. If you can’t do it correctly, try unplugging it and then removing the battery. The equipment should not be switched on after making sure it is completely dry.

Then, remove all cables, external boards, modems, flash drives and gadgets that are plugged in, this will prevent electric shocks that can cause serious damage to the equipment. 

Afterward, dry the device with a paper towel, absorbent towels or clothes in general. To make the task easier, you can leave the keyboard tilted or upside down, making it easier for the excess liquid to flow out of the device.

It is also possible to use a domestic vacuum cleaner with the function of vacuuming liquids. Be very careful that no keyboard keys are damaged.

After that, it is necessary to let it dry for a long time, take it to specialized technical assistance to evaluate, or wait at least 24 hours or more before turning on the device. After drying for a while, replace the removable components and start the notebook. If it starts without problems, test to see if everything is ok.

If the equipment does not work normally, take your notebook to an authorized service center. If the device is still under warranty, check if the coverage covers this type of incident.

I want to disassemble the notebook: What about the warranty?

Avoid opening and disassemble the device because of the warranty if the liquid has reached the inside of your notebook. Before, research with the notebook manufacturer’s own support is what is possible to do in these cases. The warranty will probably not cover this type of accident, after all, it is not a manufacturer defect.

On the other hand, if the warranty period has already expired, you have two options:

Clean it yourself. If you are knowledgeable and confident enough to disassemble your equipment, it is recommended that you do so to evaluate and clean the inside of the equipment. In most cases, only the exterior and keyboard are affected, but the risk of liquid entering through the notebook’s ventilation slots and slot is high.

Take it to a specialized technician. In case of doubts about how to do it yourself… don’t hesitate! Take immediately to a technical assistance specialized in notebooks so that they do the proper disassembly and cleaning procedures and, always clarify the first measures you took, to make the technician aware of what happened and facilitate his work. 

Don’t waste time so that the oxidation (rust) on the parts doesn’t start to advance.

How to clean the computer with spilled coffee yourself?

To clean the computer with spilled coffee, you must first carefully disassemble it yourself

(see manuals that came with the device or the manufacturer, forums specific to your equipment). Start checking the internal plates and, if a liquid is visible, try to remove and dry.

Don’t use traditional cleaning products, avoid it! They may be harmful to your machine. For cleaning use only isopropyl alcohol, it can be used to clean electronic components. It is the most suitable for this purpose, as the percentage of water is less than 1% and, therefore, the chance of oxidation of the parts is almost null. Be careful, it is a flammable product.

Depending on how it is, you can bathe the components/boards in isopropyl alcohol with the help of a brush to remove any possible “sticky” leftovers from the coffee, however, the biggest risk is on the motherboard. We remind you that this procedure requires patience and care. If you have a lot of doubts, we’ll talk again, look for a specialized technician!

In the case of the keyboard, once removed, we also suggest a good bath of isopropyl alcohol, as well as in the plates, the brush also helps to clean all the corners.

After completing these baths, let the notebook dry for a few days, between 72h and 120h. To ensure that all the liquid evaporates, change the drying positions of the appliance and make sure that there is good ventilation in the room.

In many cases it is possible to recover the equipment, it all depends on the proportion of the accident and the amount/form that the liquids reached your equipment.


In this article, we provided you the answer to the question: “What to do if I spill coffee on the keyboard?”. Also, we discussed how to clean your computer keyboard with spilled coffee yourself.




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