What to cook in convection oven?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “what to cook in convection oven?”. We will also discuss how a convection oven is different from other ovens. In the end, we will discuss why we should use the convection oven.

What to cook in convection oven?

If you want to be sure your food turns out perfectly every time. The convection oven excels at the following features that make it ideal for those who value safety in the kitchen:


The convection oven can handle both meat and vegetables with ease. It does a fantastic job of charring vegetables and dissolving fat from meats.


The convection oven is ideal for toasting bread because of its excellent browning qualities. You can also use it to toast your breads, nuts, and seeds in a manner that is attractive and uniform.


If you’re planning on holding a bake sale soon, the convection oven will become your new best choice for the following reasons. Baking huge amounts of cookies and cupcakes.

Convection baking is ideal for: making flakier puff pastries by melting fats and producing steam more quickly.

Use every rack inside your convection oven at your choice, and don’t stress over food that is properly cooked on one side but charred or lightly cooked on the other.

Braising meats and making casseroles, or any other item that requires a lid or foil to cook. You can cook without worrying regarding your meal drying out thanks to the convection oven.

However, the blowing hot air is not the best for foods that need setting while they are being cooked, such as the following:

  • Custards and soufflés
  • Quick breads and cakes
  • Any good that has a loose batter as its foundation.

After mastering the fundamentals, try one of these delicious dishes prepared in a convection oven.

How is a convection oven different from other ovens?

A typical oven obtains its heat from a heating element that is permanently installed in the appliance’s bottom. This element is responsible for providing the oven with heat.

True convection ovens include a tertiary heating element in addition to a fan that helps circulate hot air around the oven’s chamber. Convection ovens have a fan that helps move warm air around the oven’s chamber.

A conventional oven does not have a fan or an exhaust system, but a convection oven has. This makes the convection oven superior to the traditional ovens.

The fan and exhaust system of the oven collaborate to move hot air around the food and then out of the oven’s vents in order to keep the oven at the appropriate temperature. Because hot air is moving all around the meal as it is being cooked, the food will be cooked more quickly and evenly.

Why should we use the convection oven?

  1. The food gets cooked around 25 percent quicker in a conventional oven due to the hot air being blown directly onto the food rather than merely surrounding it.
  2. The fan in a convection oven helps to uniformly distribute heat throughout the oven, while a standard oven’s heating element may cause hot sites.
  3. It browns food more evenly than a conventional oven, which may become a little damp since moisture can’t leave. As a result of convection, the outside of items like vegetables and meat grow browner while the inside remains wet during roasting.
  4. A convection oven is more power saving than a standard oven due to the fact that food may be cooked in it more quickly and at a lower temperature.

How to use the convection setting?

If you are interested in using the convection setting, you need to take into account the following factors:

From the range that was indicated, the temperature should be lowered by 25° Fahrenheit. Because food cooks more quickly in a convection oven, you should check on it halfway through the time that the recipe indicates it should be cooking in order to make any necessary adjustments.

When air is allowed to freely circulate over the food being cooked in a convection oven, the oven performs at its peak efficiency. 

When you are in the kitchen preparing food, you should avoid covering the oven racks with foil and instead use shallow pans for roasting, baking, and serving the food.

Because convection ovens are such amazing kitchen equipment, there is no need to be afraid of putting one to use in your home.


In this brief article, we answered the question “what to cook in convection oven?”. We also discussed how a convection oven is different from other ovens. In the end, we discussed why we should use the convection oven.