What percentage does Uber Eats take? (+5 Uber Eats advantages)

This post aims to explain what percentage Uber Eats takes. In addition to this, we will name the various fees that users can expect to pay on Uber Eats. Finally, we will check out the different advantages that customers can experience in Uber Eats. Uber Eats is not only pretty popular but also quite economical for the users.

What percentage does Uber Eats take?

According to sources, Uber Eats takes 15% of the order subtotal in the food order. This is often termed as the service fee in the breakdown of the bill. Uber Eats claims that this service fee goes toward the maintenance of the app and other costs that the platform might incur while providing the services.

Different fees in Uber Eats

While ordering food on Uber Eats, the customer can be charged a variety of fees. Some of these are present in the bill all the time while others are present only in certain situations. The different fees in Uber Eats have been mentioned in the section below.

The actual cost of the food

The biggest chunk in the order subtotal is the actual cost of the food that the customer has ordered. Most customers of Uber Eats get a good deal on their order by using the numerous promo codes and offers that are present in the app itself. The dishes in the Uber Eats menu can be searched according to their price ranges using the filters in the app.

The delivery fee

There is also a delivery fee in Uber Eats which forms another big percentage of the order. This delivery fee depends on the location of the customer, the location of the restaurant and the distance between the two. Those who are members of Uber One can get free delivery on an unlimited number of orders if they are crossing the minimum limit.

The Small Order fee

There is also a Small Order fee in Uber Eats which is meant to be applied for those orders which do not cross the minimum limit. If the customer is choosing to add extra items to their cart, this Small Order fee will be automatically removed.

The Busy fee

A Busy fee in Uber Eats will be applied if the customer is placing an order during peak hours or busy hours. The peak hours often vary from city to city and are often during lunch hours. The busy fee is also applied during weekends when the demand for food delivery is a lot more than usual.

The Delivery Adjustment fee

The Delivery Adjustment fee in Uber Eats is applied if the customer is adding items to their order or making any other changes to their order once it has been accepted by the restaurant partner. It is also applied if the customer is changing the delivery address all of a sudden. The Delivery Adjustment fee can vary depending on the nature of the changes to the order.

The Cancellation fee

A Cancellation fee in Uber Eats will be applied if the user is canceling their order once the restaurant partner has accepted the order. This cancellation fee will be absent for the first time the customer cancels their order, as long as they do it within the first 15 minutes of placing an order.

The CA Driver Benefits fee

If the customer or user is a resident of California, they will be required to pay a CA Drivers Benefits fee. This fee comes across as a by-product of Proposition 22 and goes towards the Drivers Benefits funding. The money is used to provide a minimum earnings guarantee and a healthcare stipend, among many other advantages for the Uber Eats drivers.

The tip for the driver

If the customer is including a tip for the delivery driver, this will also be shown in the bill breakdown. If the tip is being added after the delivery has been completed, the customer will be sent an updated bill with the tip amount also included. Tip amounts can vary but are usually from 10% to 15% of the order subtotal.

Advantages of using Uber Eats

Uber Eats is often first recommended to anyone who is looking for a food delivery app since there are plenty of advantages of using this app. Some of the advantages of using Uber Eats have been mentioned as follows.

  • Uber Eats has a very large collection of restaurants that can be easily surfed through by the means of smart filters in the app.
  • The customer is often recommended smart suggestions by the app which uses the data in the previous ordering history of the customer. This makes it superb for picky eaters or creatures of habit.
  • Uber Eats also has a membership plan called Uber One which can be very economical for the customer in the long run. The primary advantage of Uber One is that the customer does not need to pay any delivery fee for an unlimited number of orders.
  • Uber Eats allows group orders to be placed as well. There is also a bill-splitting feature in this feature that can make it very easy for large groups.
  • There is even a map feature in Uber Eats that can make it super easy for explorers to check out the various niches in a certain locality.


This post has aimed to explain what percentage Uber Eats takes. In addition to this, we have named the various fees that users can expect to pay on Uber Eats. Finally, we have checked out the different advantages that customers can experience in Uber Eats.

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