What miles can I deduct for Uber Eats? (+5 Tax deductible expenses)

This article will answer what miles you can deduct for Uber Eats. We will also be listing the other tax deductions that can be written off for Uber Eats drivers. Finally, we will check out the benefits or advantages of partnering with Uber Eats as a delivery driver. Uber Eats is one of many On-Demand food delivery apps, but is certainly the best contender for most popular.

What miles can I deduct for Uber Eats?

Uber Eats delivery drivers can easily deduct any miles that they have undertaken for their business purposes. If they are using the same vehicle for their personal reasons as well, they need to make sure that these miles are not added to the mileage. For this, many Uber Eats drivers use a mileage tracker which can make the process much easier.

Tax deductions for Uber Eats drivers

Come tax season, Uber Eats drivers may often face many challenges while trying to save more money that often go into taxes. Since Uber Eats considers these drivers to be independent contractors, they are in charge of their own taxes. The good news is that many of the driver’s expenses can be written off. The various tax deductions that can be applied are:

  • If the Uber Eats driver is using a car to do their deliveries, they can easily deduct the expenses of the vehicle. This includes the fuel expenses, oil changes expenses and even vehicle insurance and registration. Vehicle maintenance expenses that go into repairs can also be deducted. Furthermore, depreciation and lease payments can be included.
  • Uber Eats drivers can additionally include their cellular phone expenses as this is a necessary part of their job. This can include the price of the device and the phone charges. Some drivers also include other phone accessories such as chargers and even the phone mounts.
  • If the Uber Eats driver is carrying bottles of water, mints, napkins or anything else for their customers, these are also considered tax-deductible business expenses.
  • Toll charges on highways, freeways and bridges can also be included. This includes fees inside the city and the airport also.
  • When the Uber Eats driver is exclusively using their car to make deliveries, they can also include the expenses that go into purchasing floor-mats, first aid kits and even tire inflators and other such devices.

Benefits of working as an Uber Eats driver

Uber Eats is always on the lookout for more and more delivery drivers in order to guarantee on-time delivery for its customers. Some of the benefits that Uber Eats drivers can experience in this gig have been described as follows.

They have total freedom of working hours

Probably the best advantage of working for Uber Eats as a delivery driver is that they can choose the hours in which they want to work. They can also choose to take a break whenever they wish to. Uber Eats drivers have no supervision or management whatsoever, and thus will never feel like they are answerable to anyone on the job.

Uber Eats drivers can choose various methods of delivery

The Uber Eats drivers can also choose to deliver through various modes. The delivery can be done by car, by motorbike or even by scooter. Those drivers who are environmentally conscious or those who want closer delivery requests can opt to deliver through bicycle or even by foot.

They get regular earnings

Another great advantage or benefit in Uber Eats is that the drivers are paid immediately after every successful delivery completion. The delivery driver can choose to cash out their earnings on a daily basis through the Instant Pay feature in Uber Eats. If they don’t do so, the earnings are deposited into their bank accounts on a weekly basis.

They get multiplied pay rates

Uber Eats drivers are also given many opportunities to earn more money in this gig. One such way is through the multiplied pay rates which come by occasionally. Uber Eats has Boost Promotions which occur during certain events and special occasions in which the pay rate may be multiplied by up to three times. In these times, the driver can earn a lot more money.

They get bonuses and incentives

Uber Eats drivers also get to make more money through bonuses. The bonuses in Uber Eats are given when the delivery driver completes Quests, which refer to a certain number of deliveries in a specific amount of time. They also get incentives in the form of discounts and offers at special restaurants.

The gig is great for introverts

Introverts are sure to love the gig in Uber Eats. There is very little social interaction involved in this job and the maximum amount of communication happens at the restaurant when the order is being picked up or at the delivery address when it is being dropped off. With the rising popularity of contactless deliveries, the chances of the latter happening are also much less.

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This article has answered what miles you can deduct for Uber Eats. We have also listed the other tax deductions that can be written off for Uber Eats drivers. Finally, we have checked out the benefits or advantages of partnering with Uber Eats as a delivery driver.

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