What is Uber Eats address? (+3 Uber Eats features)

In this blogpost, we will answer what the address of Uber Eats is. We will also list out the various essential features that every On-Demand food delivery app needs to have. In addition to these, we will check out the unique features that users can expect to find in only Uber Eats and not any other food delivery app.

What is Uber Eats address?

The headquarters of Uber Eats is located at 1455, Market Street, San Francisco in the United States. Uber Eats is however, operational in six continents and more than 45 different countries.

Essential features of On-Demand food delivery apps

On-Demand food delivery apps need to have certain features in order to be successful among the people. The various essential features that are required in each and every On-Demand food delivery app have been summarized in the following section.

They need to have a good collection of restaurants

The most important factor in these On-Demand food delivery apps is that there needs to be a large collection of options here. If the options are too less, then the customer may just as well leave the house to get food. The restaurant options in these apps should also cover many categories such as different price ranges and even cuisine types.

They also need to have a good delivery system in place

The On-Demand food delivery apps need to have a delivery system in place. While some apps do permanently employ certain delivery drivers, most apps employ delivery drivers in the form of independent contractors. These delivery drivers also need to be incentivized and motivated to do quick deliveries to the customers.

They should make searching easy

While these On-Demand delivery apps need to have large collections of options, the customer or user needs to be able to search for their choice of restaurant in an easy manner. For this, the app should have a search bar and also smart filters through which the users can easily find the right choice.

The app should allow live tracking

The On-Demand delivery app also needs to be fitted with live tracking features so that the customer can know the exact whereabouts of their food order at any given point of time. Many apps also prefer to incorporate push notifications so that the customer gets real-time updates about their order.

There needs to be membership plans

The On-Demand delivery app should also have a membership plan which can encourage users to utilize it even more. This membership plan should bring several advantages for the customers, such as free delivery or special discounts and offers. Examples of such membership plans are Uber One in Uber Eats and Grubhub+ in Grubhub.

There needs to be multiple payment options

There also need to be multiple payment options in these apps so that the users have even more convenience. The options can be cashless while cash payments must also be available. These On-Demand delivery apps need to allow payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking and even digital wallets.

They should have high ease of use

Finally, the app itself should be simple and pretty easy to use. If the app and its user interface is very difficult to navigate, the customer may just stop using it even if there is a large collection of restaurants in it. The app should also have quick prompts to guide the user when they are on the app.

Unique features in Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a great example of a useful and effective On-Demand food delivery app. This app is fitted with several unique features that cannot be found in other food delivery apps. These features have been described as follows.

It allows group orders

Group orders can be easily placed in Uber Eats. Any member of the party can create this group order in Uber Eats to which the other members of the party can add their items. The best thing about the group orders in Uber Eats is that there is a bill splitting feature through which each member gets to pay for their own meal while still having all the items arrive together.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats which can make the act of exploring an area even more fruitful. The user simply has to pick a location on the map that has been given, after which they will be shown the various restaurants that are operating nearby. The customer can then place an order for quick delivery or even opt for an easier pick up from the restaurant.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats also has a great membership plan called Uber One. Uber One has a pretty solid advantage of zero delivery charges on an unlimited number of deliveries. In addition to this, the user gets many invite only offers and discounts. The Uber One membership will also give the user certain advantages while hailing rides in Uber.


In this blogpost, we have answered what the address of Uber Eats is. We have also listed out the various essential features that every On-Demand food delivery app needs to have. In addition to these, we have checked out the unique features that users can expect to find in only Uber Eats and not any other food delivery app.

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