What is the substitute for black garlic?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question,”What is the substitute for black garlic?”, and discuss what is black garlic, and discuss what black garlic is. We will also discuss how it is used and some of the substitutes of black garlic along with how garlic substitutions can be chosen.

What is the substitute for black garlic?

Garlic oils, garlic powders, salts of garlic, minced garlic in jars, garlic paste and frozen garlic can be substituted for black garlic. 

Black garlic is popularly used in Asian cuisines and is also added to western dishes such as cheese, bread, and chicken to add to flavours. The cloves of black garlic can be easily chopped, smashed and pureed, and are suitable to be used in stews, soups and vegetables that have been sauteed. 

Garlic oil

Garlic oil is helpful in retaining the strong garlic flavours. The oils of garlic are made by the distillation of steam and then blending it with other oils, and they are also used as a medicine to enhance the immune system.

Garlic powder

Garlic can also be dried in a fine powder and be used as a substitute. It is commonly used as a spice in soups, stews, pizzas and dressings of salads. One-eighth of a teaspoon of garlic powder can be used as a n alternative for a clove of black garlic.

Jarred minced garlic

As the name suggests, the garlic is minced and comes in jars. This can give the warm taste of pure garlic. The quality may differ because of long storage time periods. The substitute dosage is around ½ a teaspoon of minced garlic for each black garlic clove.

Garlic paste

The flavours of garlic paste is similar to garlic but stronger and more concentrated. Garlic paste can be substituted for oil and salt in dishes making it a healthier alternative for patients with diabetes and patients with kidney diseases. 1 tablespoon for each clove of balck garlic can be used as an equivalent. 

Frozen garlic cubes

Frozen Garlic cubes are cloves of garlic that are frozen. The flavour of the frozen solid garlic does not change so it can also be used as an alternative. 

Garlic salt

Garlic salt is the combination of dried garlic powder and salt. Garlic salts are saltier than raw fresh garlic due to obvious reasons. To substitute for black garlic, every ¾ teaspoon of garlic salt, the salt is reduced to half a teaspoon.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is actually white garlic that is fermented at specific temperatures and humidity. The active component therefore becomes highly concentrated.

The process of fermentation involves the Maillard reaction as the heat changes in amino acids and sugars which are present in garlic. The millard reaction is the one which gives the black garlic its black colours and tangy flavour.  

After fermentation, the garlic is aged for 60 days but only becomes ready to be used in dishes after 3 weeks. An ideal way to age garlic at home is to age the bulb in slow or rice cookers. 

The garlic is sweet, with a molasses-like flavour with mild flavours, supple and not sticky when peeled and the odour is less pungent than white garlic . Black garlic should be stored in air tight containers or jars made of glass in cool dry places such as the refrigerators. 

How to choose garlic substitutes?

In terms of flavour – some garlic substitutes will have stronger and more powerful flavours and on the other hand, some may be light in flavour. 

In terms of texture – texture does not necessarily impact the taste of the recipe. In some recipes, mushiness can be prevented by tweaking the recipe slightly. 

It therefore comes down to the availability of the garlic substitutes and what is desired for the recipe in terms of flavour and texture.

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In this brief article, we answered the question,”What is the substitute for black garlic?”, and discussed what is black garlic, and discussed what black garlic is. We also discussed how it is used and some of the substitutes of black garlic along with how garlic substitutions can be chosen.





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