What is the phone number for Uber Eats? (+5 On-Demand Apps)

In the following post, we will answer what the phone number is for Uber Eats. In addition to this we will check out the different types of On-Demand delivery apps that are present in the market today. Finally, we will look closely at the various features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such a popular food delivery app.

What is the phone number for Uber Eats?

The phone number of Uber Eats is (800) 253-6882. This is only for the customers who reside in the United States and is toll free. Another number that can be used for Uber Eats is 1-833-USE-UBER. This phone number can be used to place an order in Uber Eats instead of using the app and was introduced during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Different types of On-Demand delivery apps

On-Demand delivery apps have become pretty common these days as everyone wants convenience and comfort at economical prices. The most common types of On-Demand delivery apps have been explored in the section below.

Food delivery apps

Food delivery apps are pretty much the most popular type of On-Demand delivery apps today. They not only serve millions of customers on a daily basis, but are also the sources of income of millions of delivery drivers due to the presence of constant gigs. Some examples of these food delivery apps are Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub.

Grocery delivery apps

Grocery delivery apps are also becoming extensively popular as more and more people are finding no time to do their grocery shopping physically. These grocery delivery apps are usually tied up with food delivery apps to bring in more delivery requests. A great example of On-demand grocery apps is Agorah.

Home services apps

Home service apps are another common type of On-Demand delivery apps. While these apps do not exactly deliver a product to the customer, they deliver a service to them which can be anything from plumbing or electrical work. These apps usually have a large network of individual service providers who use these apps as a marketplace to sell their services.

Transportation apps

Transportation apps are also considered On-Demand delivery apps and these too bring services instead of products to the customer. The most popular of these is Uber which is present in six continents across the world. The drivers here are also individuals who have their own cars or vehicles.

Entertainment apps

Entertainment apps like Netflix are also considered On-Demand delivery apps and bring a lot of joy to millions across the world. The great thing about these apps is that the customer can get access to cinema-quality movies and series from the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of these apps is such that many movies are making their releases through these.

Features in Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an On-Demand food delivery app that operates in more than 45 countries in six continents today. The great thing about Uber Eats is that the app has numerous features that make it such a commercial hit among both the young and the old. Some of the best features that can be found in Uber Eats have been described below.

Uber Eats has a large variety

The best thing about Uber Eats is that it has a large variety of restaurants and eateries that customers can choose from. The platform has smartly tied up with both high-end restaurants as well as inexpensive places so that customers have more choices to choose from. Uber Eats has also partnered with McDonald’s and Whitecastle to make the process smoother for customers.

It makes payments pretty easy

Another great thing about Uber Eats is that it makes payments pretty easy and quick through the platform. In Uber Eats, the customer can pay for their food using their credit cards, debit cards and even online banking. Furthermore, digital wallets are also being increasingly accepted here. Cash payments are being allowed in certain countries as well.

It allows group orders

Uber Eats allows groups to place orders together that can be great for social gatherings. One person can create the group to which the other members can add their items. The group members can choose to split the bill amongst them or even choose one member to pay for the entire thing. The items in the group order arrive together so that the members can eat at the same time.

Pre-orders can be made

Pre-orders are also made possible in Uber Eats. These pre-orders can be placed up to seven days in advance and the customer is notified of the proceedings in the order through push notifications and live tracking. This feature can be great for those who tend to be forgetful and those who have extremely busy schedules.

It has a great membership plan

Uber Eats also has a membership plan called Uber One which can bring several advantages to the customers. This membership plan costs the customer a price of $9.99 for the entire month or $99.99 for the whole year. The main advantage of Uber One is that the members do not have to pay any delivery charges.


In the following post, we have answered what the phone number is for Uber Eats. In addition to this we have checked out the different types of On-Demand delivery apps that are present in the market today. Finally, we have looked closely at the various features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such a popular food delivery app.

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