What is the difference between rum and whiskey?

In this brief article, we will provide you with the answer to the question: “What is the difference between rum and whiskey?”, and discuss types of rum and types of whiskeys.

What is the difference between rum and whiskey?

Rum is made from sugar cane that has been mashed. Sugarcane is converted into molasses, which are subsequently fermented and distilled. Rum is often consumed in the form of a smooth drink mix.

The flavor of rum varies depending on where it is produced. Rum’s color and intensity differ from one brand to the next.

Water and yeast are added to the sugarcane waste during the fermentation process to break down the sugars. The yeast is responsible for the fragrance and flavor of diverse rums. To get its color, rum must be matured for at least one year in a hardwood cask after distillation. Some commercial firms that make colorless rum age it in stainless steel tanks.

Whiskey is manufactured from three ingredients: barley, water, and yeast. Malt is produced by soaking barley in water for a few days. This malt is next crushed. The fermentation process begins once yeast is introduced. As a consequence, a distilled beverage is produced. 

The length of this preparation varies depending on the region. The whiskey is then aged in oak barrels for at least seven years before it is officially classified as whiskey. It is then bottled and sold. Whiskey is best served in a large glass with a few drops of bottled or filtered water to bring out the taste.

What are the types of rum?

Light rum

Light rum is a sort of rum that has not been matured, therefore its coloration is not as apparent as that of rums enjoyed by Hollywood celebrities, for example. However, this does not imply that it is inferior.

However, because of the lack of maturation, light rum is typically employed in beverages such as mojitos.

Dark rum

Dark rum, which goes through the complete distillation and aging process, is another sort of rum you can taste. It has a richer and stronger flavor.

In reality, due to its strength, this is one of the rums that need a companion, such as lemon and ginger beers.

This drink can have an average of 60% alcohol content.

Gold rum

Gold rum is matured in white oak casks. It tastes stronger than light rum and is amber in hue.

Spiced rum

Dark rum that has been flavored with spices such as cinnamon, aniseed, and pepper.

Flavored rum

Rum blended with tastes such as citrus fruit, banana, or coconut.

Premium rum

Premium rum has been meticulously matured and is manufactured from the finest raw components. It is often marketed at a higher price range and is regarded to have greater taste and scent than other types of rum.

What are the types of Whiskey?

Single Malt Whiskey

They must be made in a single distillery using only malted barley and distilled in copper stills. The filling is only permitted in Scotland. The whiskeys come from five different locations of Scotland, according to SWA.

Single Grain Whiskey

It is whiskey created in a single distillery, which may handle different types of grains, such as wheat and corn, as well as barley, and is manufactured in continuous distillers, resulting in a lighter and more delicate taste that is perfect for mixing. As a general rule, anything made in a single distillery that does not adhere to the standards of Single Malt will be a single grain.

Blended Malt

Blended malts are a combination of two or more single malts that do not include grain whiskeys. They are often balanced, as in blends, but strong, as in single malts.

Blended Grain

It is a combination of at least two Single Grain Scotch Whiskeys, with no single malt. They are light, flowery, and well-balanced.


The most popular type of whiskey produced in the United States is bourbon. There is no minimum age time, however, it can be termed “straight bourbon” after two years. Bourbon may be made in any part of the United States.

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskeys adhere to nearly the same guidelines as Bourbon. They must, however, be manufactured in Tennessee and go through an extra step that involves filtering on maple charcoal following distillation.

Rye Whiskeys 

This type of Whiskey must include at least 51% rye, with the remainder of the wort recipe consisting of maize, wheat, malted barley, or other cereals. Except for the variation in grain preponderance in their formulation, ryes adhere to nearly the same regulations as bourbons.


In this brief article, we provided you with the answer to the question: “What is the difference between rum and whiskey?”, and discussed types of rum and types of whiskeys.


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