What is the difference between range and stove?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question,”What is the difference between range and stove?”, and discuss what a range and a stove is, along with different types of ranges and stoves.

What is the difference between range and stove?

The difference between a stove and a range is that a range consists of both a stove and an oven which uses gas or electricity as a fuel, whereas a stove is a kitchen appliance on which the food is cooked by providing direct heat to food. 

What is a stove?

A stove is a kitchen appliance that burns fuel to produce heat. Traditional stoves used wood or coal as a heat source, whereas modern stoves use gas or electricity. 

Stoves are mostly used for surface cooking. A standard stove at home may contain 2 or four burners. They come in various varieties such as portable (Also known as camp stoves), commercial and residential stoves, The electric stoves may also include magnetic inductions. 

What are the different types of stoves?

There are many different kinds of stoves:

  1. Wood burning stoves –  wood is the primary source of fuel. The wood stoves are made of metals such as steel or cast iron. They contain a burn chamber with a flue or chimney.
  2. Gas stoves – burn propane or natural gas to be used as fuel. They tend to cause less pollution and are easier to manage.
  3. Electric stoves – use electricity as a source for fuel. Many models come as portables. They can be used on a standard home electric outlet and many models may have a turn off heat option where the user can just enjoy the appearance of the flames without the need for the stove to get heated.
  4. Pellet stoves – burns pellets and other types of biomass for fuel. The pellets are put into the hopper, and then are fed into a chamber for the production of heat, but they do need electricity to function.

What is a range?

A range is a kitchen appliance which combines both a range and a stove and are preferred over buying the 2 appliances separately. The oven in the range is used for baking, roasting and broiling, whereas the stove in the range is used to boil, sear and saute food, Ranges are available in different shapes and sizes. 

The ranges are therefore space and time efficient, and many types of food can be cooked at once in a single place. 

Both a range and stove are simple to install, and many premium features and commercial styling may be available depending on the type of brand sold. They both have the benefit of saving space. 

What are the different types of ranges?

There are two main types of ranges

  1. Slide in ranges – have the ability to slide between cabinets or other kitchen appliances to look as if they are built in. 

They don’t have backsplash panels, which makes them ideal to be installed against walls providing continuous backsplash. All controls are on the front of the range which makes it very easy to monitor and control heat and temperatures.

Some slides in ranges come with downdraft ventilation built in the stovetop, which diminishes the need to add a separate source of ventilation. They may also come with an option of FIT system which means that they can easily fit in the desired space.

  1. Free Standing ranges – consist of a backsplash which is built in, which makes it easier to incorporate into the kitchen layout. 

They can also be installed within cabinets, or as stand alones. Many models come with a backguard to protect the wall behind from grease, smoke and splatters.Freestanding ranges provide a lower entry price point for customers on a budget.

All kinds of ranges and stoves have their own advantages and disadvantages. The selection and choice to buy a specific type of the range or stove depends on an individual’s preferences, priorities, budget and needs. But a good understanding of how a particle type works is however important so that the person can make informed choices.


In this brief article, we answered the question,”What is the difference between range and stove?”, and discussed what a range and a stove is, along with different types of ranges and stoves.





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