What is the difference between beer and liquor?

In this article, we are going to answer the question,”What is the difference between beer and liquor?”, and discuss how beer is made. We will also discuss the different types of beer, along with what liquor is, how liquor is made and the different types of liquor.

What is the difference between beer and liquor?

The difference between beer and liquor is that beers are fermented alcoholic drinks and liquor is distilled alcoholic drinks. Beer contains less calories (95-210 calories for the regular sized 12 oz bottles) than liquor (125 calories in 1.5 oz shots). Beers contain less alcohol than liquors.

How is beer made?

Beer is made by putting wholegrains through a gristmill that cracks open the kernels. It is then transferred to the mash tun and mixed with hot water to temperatures of 155 degrees celsius, where it seeps for a while. During the process, sugars are released from grains which are then used to produce alcohol.

This results in the formation of a thick oatmeal like substance called mash. The sugary liquid that remains is called a wort which is drained from mash and transported to the brewing kettle. The wort is brought to a boil for 90 minutes and hops are added for the extraction of aroma, taste and flavour.

When the warts are completely boiled, they can be transferred into a heat exchanger to cool the liquid rapidly before pumping into a vessel for fermentation where yeast is added. 

The hot wort can be transported to a cool ship which is a shallow tube that will allow the liquid to be exposed with air. The wort is allowed to cool inside the vessel and made to react with yeasts that start brewing. The beer is then transferred to another vessel after a day.

What are the types of beer?

Some types of beer are as follows:

Ale – type of beer which is made by fermentation at warm temperatures, for short periods of time

Lager – a newer style of beers that are fermented at lower temperature and depend on bottom fermenting yeasts. 

Porter – types of beer that are known for their dark black colour and aromas of roasted malt. 

Stout – dark roasted ales which taste less sweet than portars and have a bitter coffee taste. Stouts are made from unmalted roasted barley which is added to wort.

Pale Ale – english style of ale which are known for their copper colour and fruity scent

Pilsner – hoppiest lagers havinga  dry slightly bitter flavour. 

Sour Ale – created from wild yeasts and are known for a tart tang that couples well with tropical fruits and spices.

What is liquor?

Liquor is an alcoholic beverage which is made by distilled fermented grains, fruits or vegetables. The process of fermentation turns sugars to alcohols. The process of distillation turns the products of fermentation into much stronger versions of themselves with the separation of alcohol from water, making the alcohol much more concentrated.

During distillation, the beverage which is fermented is heated, alcohol evaporates first and the vapour is collected by a distiller. The alcohol vapours are then cooled down to turn it into liquid again.

How is liquor made?

A mash is made by mixing a type of carbohydrate, yeast and water. Usually, corn, barley and rye are used. The mixture is then fermented for 2 days at room temperature to create an alcohol base. Yeast feeds on carbohydrates to produce alcohol. The mixture is then strained, and the fermented strained liquid is then distilled.

What are the types of liquor?

There are many types of liquor. Some are discussed below:

Vodka – neutral flavoured clear beverage, but do have subtle flavours which can be distinguished between brands (peppery, citrus, grain, creamy etc). Vodka is extremely versatile in cocktails and can be made from potatoes, grain, grapes etc.

Gin – is a clear spirit like voka and can mix well with other ingredients. Different botanical flavours are added to gin to give its distinct taste. Gin is distilled from grains or malt and mostly Juniper Berry is added for flavour. Others such as lemon peel, grapefruit, fennel, anise are also used for flavour and aroma.

Whiskey – spirit distilled from fermented grains. Whiskey is matured in a wooden barrel for some period of time after the distillation process. The wooden barrels have a role in imparting flavours, colours and aromas to whiskey. Types of whiskeys include, scotch, bourbon irish and rye 

Rum – is distilled from sugarcane or molasses and matured in wooden barrels. Rum matures much quicker when set in the tropical climates and is made predominantly in the Caribbean.


In this article, we answered the question,”What is the difference between beer and liquor?”, and discussed how beer is made. We have also discussed the different types of beer, along with what liquor is, how liquor is made and the different types of liquor. 



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