What is the best Starbucks hot chocolate coffee?

In this short guide, we are going to answer the question “What is the best Starbucks hot chocolate coffee?”.

In addition, we’ll discuss what are some of the important Starbucks beverages for coffee drinkers, what to keep in mind when choosing drinks at Starbucks, and what some Starbucks coffee flavors are.

What is the best Starbucks hot chocolate coffee?

Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato is the best Starbucks hot chocolate coffee. Drinks like this are much better when someone makes them for you. This option is a blend of white chocolate mocha and Sumatran coconut espresso. It’s definitely a drink worth trying from the Starbucks menu. 

Another excellent option, which you certainly won’t want to miss out on, is the caramel sander. This drink is considered the icing on the cake at Starbucks and is an excellent drink choice all year round. Wherever you go there, you will find this option. So be sure to try it.

What are Starbucks hot chocolate drinks for non-coffee drinkers?

Some of the best Starbucks hot chocolate drinks for non-coffee drinkers are listed below.

Chocolate Crumble Crumble Frappuccino:

Frappuccino is a milkshake without ice cream and satisfies your craving for a creamy milkshake. It still contains a lot of calories, but far less than the real milkshake with heavy dairy options. To enrich yourself with caffeine, you can get it with espresso.

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino:

It also contains chocolate chip cookies and cream crumbles that can also be ordered with espresso to add a coffee flavor. Serves as a perfect late night snack.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate:

Peppermint hot chocolate is a great caffeine-free drink. This is one of the best-selling drinks on cold Christmas nights.

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks is a coffee franchise known for its extensive espresso-based beverage menu, including many specialty lattes and frappuccinos.

The truth is that the offer of hot and cold drinks is so vast that it is impossible to try them all. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Starbucks drinks, including Starbucks secret menu items.

Founded in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Starbucks was the driving force behind the Second Coffee Wave, which popularized coffee culture and espresso-based beverages.

According to Finances Online, Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the world, with 32,660 stores worldwide.

Since it was founded in the late 20th century, they’ve expanded their menu, which now offers drinks far beyond classic lattes and cappuccinos.

Does roasting coffee influence chocolate aromas and flavors?

First, we need to understand that coffee can also be enjoyed, just like wine and beer. And it can have different kinds of aromas and flavors. Coffee also provides us with a sensory experience. 

The roaster is a professional trained to roast coffee and develop different roasting profiles for green (raw) coffee. It is he who decides which degree of roasting is ideal for the chosen coffee.

Also remember that raw coffee, as well as wine grapes, brings characteristics of the place where it was planted (terroir), the microclimate of the place and post-harvest processing. This makes the roaster already have some important information at the time of the roasting study, bringing even more precision.

The roast of medium color is the favorite of consumers, bringing a high sweetness, a little more of the intensity of the caramel and chocolate. Usually, a drink that the general public most identifies with, is good for everyday drinking.

An important factor to note in dark roasting is that it needs to be done very well to make it more pleasant. If it goes too far, it can be a negative experience for those who drink it, that famous “burnt taste”, which, it is worth noting, is not the taste of coffee.

How to choose drinks at Starbucks?

Before going to or ordering from Starbucks, you need to keep these things in mind. When you have the opportunity to go to a Starbucks coffee shop, take these tips with you. Choose the least sweet options. Both sugar and sweeteners can harm you. 

Sugar has a lot of calories and if you already start your day eating sweets, the tendency is that you want to eat sweets the rest of the day. 

The ideal is drinks with calories up to 100 cal. So you can enjoy your coffee without much guilt and without worrying about your weight gain or health problems related to high consumption of sweets.


In this short guide, we answer the question “What is the best Starbucks hot chocolate coffee?”.

In addition, we discussed what are some of the important Starbucks beverages for coffee drinkers, what to keep in mind when choosing drinks at Starbucks, and what are some Starbucks coffee flavors.



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