What is the best Starbucks coffee blend?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what is the best Starbucks coffee blend” with an in-depth analysis of the different blends available at Starbucks. Moreover, we are going to highlight the different amazing blends sold by Starbucks, and what are the coffee blends.

What is the best Starbucks coffee blend?

The best Starbucks coffee blend that is popular in all and sundry is PIKE PLACE® ROAST. Its flavor is chocolate & toasted nuts.

This is a fresh coffee that can freshly be brewed when demanded. This blend is made consistent and harmonious and has an equal flavor and smoothness from beans of Latin American coffees and cocoa and toasted nuts.

It is worth mentioning that the choice for the best Starbucks coffee blend can vary from individual to individual. Some of the other coffee blend options available at Starbucks are as follows

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Flavor: toasted malt & baking chocolate

This coffee flavor contains beans that have been grown in the region of Latin America, by families in their verandas. The mellow and flavorful coffee blend was made after a lot of tries.


Flavor: toasted malt & baking chocolate

This flavorful blend contains double the amount of caffeine that a normal coffee cup. To make this coffee blend, we have added extra coffee in the Starbucks Veranda Blend for the sake of extra caffeine. This extra caffeine will give you extra activeness throughout the day.


Flavor: smooth with hints of chocolate

This coffee blend has an approachable taste with a smooth texture. It contains Latin American beans that have been roasted lighter for an expressive and strong flavored coffee. It reminds you of chocolate due to its smoothness.


Flavor: smooth & sweet

This special and mellow blend is made from the coffee beans obtained from Latin America and East Africa. The beans are roasted enough to obtain a sweet and vibrant note. It can also be paired with milk.


Flavor: bright & sweet

The bright sweetness of the coffee beans obtained from Kenya was mixed and balanced with the beans from East Africa. It has a classic flavor of tropical fruits and brown sugar and can easily be paired with grapefruit, berry cobbler, and muffins.


Flavor: sweet orange & brown sugar

This blend gives you a milder cup with a lighter shade than the others that are made with blending a perfect roast and taste. It is the best choice if you start your day with a less intense coffee and also contain a citrus note in it.


Flavor: smooth & bold

This amazing smooth and bold blend is made by Blending mixing Brazilian coffee with Latin American beans that resulted in the balanced and characteristic sweetness. The end product has a note of maple, vanilla, and toasted nuts.


Flavor: toasted walnut & herbs

This blend is made with the coffee beans obtained from Colombia at 6500 feet elevated Colombian countryside. The product has a delicate juicy and nutty taste.


Flavor: allspice & earthy

This blend is a bold coffee that has deep, acidic, and earthy notes. This wonderful blend is a great symbol of liveliness and balance that is made after mixing the Latin American beans with the herbal spiciness from Sumatran beans.


Flavor: cocoa & toffee

This simple blend is made by the mixing of dark-colored chestnuts of Latin American beans with flavors of nuts or cocoa for sweetness. This masterpiece has been consumed well for years and is also liked everywhere.


Flavor: baking chocolate & dried fruit

This blend, originally known as Gold Coast Blend, is full-bodied and sweet with a  hint of dark roast and caramel note.

Purpose of coffee blends

Starbucks offers a wide range of blends that may vary in flavor and aroma, just like coffee roasts. The blends generally contain two or more coffees that are either from different regions or of different roasts. The main purpose behind blending is to introduce a completely new flavor or to enhance the taste of one coffee or the other.

Blended Coffee:

Blended coffee is a mixture of two or more coffees that may be from the same region with different flavors or from different regions with different flavors. Besides flavors, these coffee beans, that are blended, may also be different in terms of their roast stages, such as some may be lighter roasts while others may be medium or dark.

You can find the price of some of the Starbucks blends here.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “what is the best Starbucks coffee blend” with an in-depth analysis of the different blends by Starbucks that are prepared by mixing the coffee beans with a slight change in their flavor or roast stages, from different regions or same regions. Moreover, we discussed what are some amazing coffee blends by Starbucks and what are coffee blends.



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