What is the best rum for vanilla extract?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “what is the best rum for vanilla extract?”. With an in-depth analysis of what is the best rum for vanilla extract. Moreover, we will also discuss different varieties of liquors that can be used for vanilla extract.

What is the best rum for vanilla extract?

When it comes to making vanilla extract, white Rum is a great choice. Similar to Vodka, it is repeatedly distilled, making it smooth and pure. It brings out the greatest levels of sweetness from the vanilla beans.


Can you use Captain Morgan to make vanilla extract?

As such, white rum’s applications are almost universal. A Mexican vanilla extract made in white rum can be used in almost any dessert, making this our favorite choice. Captain Morgan white rum specifically is a little less strong and more subtle, which results in a creamy and smooth extract.

What is the difference between white and other types of rum?

The difference between White Rum and Dark Rum is that white rum is aged in big stainless steel barrels whereas dark rum is aged in large charred oak barrels. The most common use of dark rum is cooking or it can also be drunk straight without mixing it with anything while white rum is generally used in cocktails.

Is white or dark rum better?

Typically, darker rums are used for sipping or drinking straight because of the more distinctive flavors, while light rums are used in cocktails. So when you make frozen Piña Coladas, Mojitos, or any other rum-based tropical drinks in your frozen concoction maker, you should use white rum.

Does only white rum make good vanilla extract?

No, you can use any alcohol as long as it is 80 proof. The best and most popular choices are vodka, bourbon, brandy, or rum. Vodka is the most versatile because it has a neutral flavor.

What are different types of liquors other than rum that can be used for vanilla extract?


Vodka is probably the most popular choice of distilled spirits when it comes to mixing with various drinks and cocktails. The quality of the Vodka is directly linked to the number of times it is distilled and the specific type of grain being used, be it wheat, rye, corn, or another. The better the quality of the Vodka, the cleaner and smoother it is. 

For vanilla extract, smoother and cleaner means you get to taste stronger tones of vanilla. 

The vast majority of Vodka is 80 proof or 40% alcohol. The FDA dictates that a pure vanilla extract needs to be at least 70 proof or 35% alcohol, and this makes Vodka an ideal choice for vanilla extraction. 

The biggest advantage of using Vodka is that it is odorless and tasteless, and it allows the full flavor of the vanilla to center stage.


Whiskey comes in so many varieties, and whether you favor Irish, Scottish, or American, it can make a great choice to use for homemade vanilla extract. As the most popular American Whiskey, Bourbon is the best choice due to its consistent taste and sweetness that comes from its high corn content. 

Just like Vodka, Bourbon is clean. However, with it, you get a slightly smoky and sweet taste. It’s not as sweet as Rum, but it is sweeter than Vodka and helps to bring out the sweetness of the vanilla bean without it overpowering the aroma of the vanilla. 

Is vanilla extract better with vodka or bourbon?

Vodka produces a cleaner and lighter vanilla extract; bourbon produces a heavier, more complex, and moodier, if you will, type of extract. Dark rum, light rum, spiced rum, or brandy will all affect the taste of the final extract compared to vodka, which imparts almost none.

Why is rum a better choice for adding vanilla extract?

Rum is typically distilled from either sugarcane bi-products or pure sugarcane. If you’re partial to a glass or bottle, then you’ll know that all rums are created equal. if you plan on making anything sweet, such as ice creams, desserts, or toppings of any type, then using a rum-based vanilla extract is the perfect choice as it brings out the sweetness of the vanilla beans. 

Dark and Gold Rum are the other two options. They are a little heavier and best used for rich, deep dishes, perfect for the cooler months of the year. 


In this brief guide, we have answered the question “what is the best rum for vanilla extract?”. With an in-depth analysis of what is the best rum for vanilla extract. Moreover, we have also discussed different varieties of liquors that can be used for vanilla extract.



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