What is the best oven mitt for cast iron?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what is the best oven mitt for cast iron” with an in-depth analysis of the qualities, such as heat resistance, material, sleeves, and cleaning, of the oven mitts. Moreover, we are going to highlight what are the characteristics of good oven mitts, what different types of materials are best, and where you can store them.

What is the best oven mitt for cast iron?

The best oven mitt for a cast iron is that having a heat-resistant property that can protect you against the hot cast iron utensil you are going to hold. This is an important consideration for getting an oven mitt as it may prevent accidental burns during cooking.

Moreover, the good oven mitts should be long-lasting, bigger enough to cover the entire hand, and easy to grip in order not to slip the material held in hand.

Characteristics of good oven mitts:

The best oven mitts should have some perfect characteristics that need to be considered while handling the hot pots and pans.

Heat resistance:

The oven mitts should be resistant to heat to handle the utensils that are incredibly hot after heating. These heat-resistant mitts can protect you from burning. All the mitts that are certified heat-resistance can bear the temperature in a range of 446 to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit and protect you against burning from a lot of metallic utensils.


Most of the oven mitts of high quality are made from either silicone or aramid fabric. Silicone is one of the safest materials at high temperatures and cannot be damaged at extreme temperatures. Silicone mitts can bear temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aramid is another amazing material that is not required to be too thick to bear high temperatures. The mitts made of this material are highly resistant to heat even when made with a thin layer. On exposure to open flames, this material can also not catch fire that makes it more perfect for making mitts.

Easily cleanable:

The oven mitts should be easy to clean or washable in machines that can make these tools more convenient and durable thus, can be used for a long duration.

Easy to maneuver:

Utensils made of cast irons are usually heavier than utensils made of other materials for which you need gloves that can easily maneuver in. Therefore, the oven mitts should not be too stiff or thick to easily hold the pan and protect from heat.

Long sleeves:

The sleeves of the oven mitts should be long enough to fully protect the hands and arms that can be burnt from exposure to the fire or hot pan.


The design should be made in such a way so as the material cannot be slipped from the hands covered in such mitts.

Types for materials used for mitts:

Oven mitts can be used from different materials, some of which are given below.

Cotton oven mitts:

Cotton is the traditional material that can be used to make gloves or oven mitts for safely handling the utensils or pans that are hot. Cotton mitts can tolerate the temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for only a few seconds. The heat can quickly be passed throughout the material after a few seconds.

Rubber oven mitts:

The rubber oven mitts are also much resistant to temperature and the pan can easily be gripped in the hands covered in rubber mitts. The rubber material is a great solution for preventing slippage and you can hold the pan for a longer duration as heat cannot be passed easily through this material.

Silicone oven mitts:

The oven mitts made of silicone are maximally resistant to heat and can tolerate temperature to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These mitts can hold the dish for about 30 seconds without burning your hands. Moreover, this material is also flexible which makes it easier to grip the pot.

Storing oven mitts:

Oven mitts are one of the important necessities in the kitchen and can be placed in such a place that they can easily be accessed. The best place is near the oven where you can get them immediately. Some of the places where you can put these mitts are described as follows:

  • Oven mitts can be placed in an empty drawer. The best is to store them in the top drawer so you can easily grab them while standing.
  • The cabinet near your oven or stove is also a great place for storing your mitts. make sure to place them in an empty cabinet as placing them with other things, especially oil or spices can make them greasy or dirty.
  • The mitts can also be placed on open shelves or the top of the cabinets.
  • The oven mitts can also be placed on the top of refrigerators, placed in your kitchen. Magnetic hooks are also available that can be attached to the fridges and can be used to hang the oven mitts.
  • The mitts can also be hung on hooks on the walls or the doors.

You can find here some recommendations of mitts for holding cast iron.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “what is the best oven mitt for cast iron” with an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of good oven mitts among which the heat-resistance property holds significant importance. Moreover, we discussed what different materials, used for making oven mitts, can be good, and where they can be stored.




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