What is the best affordable cognac?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what is the best affordable cognac” with an in-depth analysis of the best cognacs available at an affordable range. Moreover, we are going to highlight what are some effective cognac-producing brands that are affordable, and what is cognac and its types.

What is the best affordable cognac?

The best affordable cognacs are Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne ($29), Frapin VSOP ($35), Remy Martin VSOP ($55), Audry XO ($83), and many more that fall in your budget and you can easily find some best and cheap cognacs under $100, $70, $50, and even $30. But it is also true that you cannot compare the quality, such as color, flavor, and aroma, of the one under $30 with that under $100.

The main difference among the prices of different brands or the different products of the same brands is dependent upon the aging of the cognac. The one with greater aging duration is more expensive but tastier and more in quality than the one with lesser aging duration.

Best affordable cognacs:

Nowadays, a lot of quality juices are available at a low cost. Different brands of cognac are gaining popularity based on their taste, flavor, aging, and affordable price range. Some of the brands under $50 and $100 are listed below.

Best cognacs under $50:

Some of the best cognacs under $50 are as given below:

Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne ($29):

This medium-bodied class champagne is one of the best quality cognacs that is being aged between eight to twelve years. This cognac is made from the two premier regions of Grande and Petite Champagne, which has been aged for eight to twelve years.

In the context of taste, this cognac has amazing mixed aromas of butter, caramel, and sandalwood, that have been combined with the notes of pears and a hint of vanilla. In texture, the cognac offers a smooth and soft consistency on the palate. Thus, this great product can be consumed as both a base for cocktails as well as a beverage alone.

Frapin VSOP ($35):

This wonderful cognac has a classic preparation method that has been remaining unchanged for years. The Frapin VSOP cognac is harvested, distilled, and aged in its entirety and thus, thought to contain a pride in its single-estate status.

This highly consumed cognac is obtained from Ugni Blanc grapes, grown in the region of Grande Champagne. After harvesting, the grapes are distilled on the lees, which gives grapes an essential blend of roundness and suppleness.

The production is carried under controlled conditions and is not involving any scientific methods but is completely dependent upon the traditional methods. The aroma of this cognac is a blend of honey, gingerbread, hazelnut, with a touch of vanilla and the taste is sweet and satisfying with lingering spices.

Deau URB’N De Luxe ($38):

Deau URB’N De Luxe is another VS cognac that has been proved to be best in presenting the choice of the new cognac lover generation. This innovative product is known for its unique aroma that has been gained from the mixed notes of mint and white rose and gives you a refreshing smooth appealing feeling.

The cognac can easily be used to replace expensive brands due to its classic taste, aroma, and bottle design that resembles the cognac items from some expensive brands. It was also awarded with Double Gold and Gold in two events, held in 2019.

Hennessy VS ($39):

The Hennessy VS is another classic item, made by combining 40 different Eaux-de-vie from all the cognac regions. The aging period for this classic cognac is between two to five years. After distillation, the best-tasting cognacs are selected for further aging after being mixed. The aging takes place in Limousin oak casks by keeping them exposed to different seasons for reducing their bitter flavors.

This cognac has developed a note of vanilla, for which it is known throughout the world. Moreover, the cognac can be consumed as both a base for cocktails or just alone straight from the bottles.

Best cognacs under $100:

Some of the brands that are a bit expensive but still affordable and highly demanding are Remy Martin VSOP ($55), Bache Gabrielsen Réserve Pure & Rustic Grande Champagne Très Vieille Cognac ($75), XO Grand Cru Francois Voyer ($79), and Audry XO ($83).

All these cognacs are extraordinary in one or more features, such as aroma, taste, texture, and aging time. The aging duration may vary among these cognacs, depending upon the type and brands that are producing them.


Cognac is a specific type of alcoholic beverage or spirit that is produced from white wine. It is usually distilled twice, once in copper pot stills, and then in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The variations in different cognacs are based on the variety of grapes used and the aging duration spent in oak casks.

Types of Cognacs:

The types of cognacs are being devised based on their aging time.


VS stands for “Very Special” and is aged for at least two years in oak casks.


VSOP Stands for “Very Superior Old Pale” and has been oak-aged for at least four years.


XO Stands for “Extra Old” and is aged for 10 years or longer.


The vintage cognacs are usually a blend of different cognacs with different aging periods. The type is normally determined by a label “at least” on the bottle and is a more complex cognac.

Some of the cognacs that are best suggested for beginners can be found here.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “what is the best affordable cognac” with an in-depth analysis of some cognac brands, available at an affordable range. Moreover, we discussed what is cognac and what are its different types, depending upon aging.



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