What is red eye coffee?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what is red-eye coffee”, discuss ingredients, and what makes red-eye coffee so unique.

What is red-eye coffee?

  • A Red Eye is a beverage that comprises brewed coffee finished off with a shot of espresso. Red Eye typically contains one shot while a “Black Eye” has two shots of espresso. On the off chance that you request a Red Eye at a La Colombe bistro, it accompanies two shots of coffee. Precisely what you need to move past a hangover.

Red-eye coffee is very unique, and great to start your day with.  

You can have red-eye coffee many ways

  • Iced red eye
  • Iced red-eye latte
  • A warm red eye latte

Why is it called a red eye coffee?

Have you ever known about a red eye flight? If not, it’s a flight that flies during the night to your destination first thing in the morning. In stories, it is most ordinarily alluded to when discussing the long stretch from the West Coast to New York City.

Back a long time before planes were planned considering solace, a coffee with a shot of espresso was exactly what you needed to help you remain alert during the long stretch. Furthermore, the “red eye” additionally referred to how the travelers looked when they got off the overnight flight – tired and with red eyes.

There are a couple of different names for a red eye espresso.

  • In certain spots, it is recorded as a Hammerhead or a Mondo.
  • In Alaska, numerous individuals allude to it as a Sludge Cup.
  • In the Pacific Northwest, it is regularly alluded to as A Shot in the Dark.
  • In Northern California, it is called Train Wreck.

If you ever hear about a black eye, dead eye, or a green eye, these are likewise varieties of a red eye with various caffeine levels.

  • A black eye is some coffee with two shots of espresso added to it. It gets its name from the dark ring that shows up in your coffee after pouring in the shots.
  • A dead eye is some coffee with three shots of espresso added. This beverage gets its name for the over-burden of caffeine that could cause damage to your organs. We wouldn’t recommend this.
  • A green eye is a Starbucks variant of a dead eye. You can get it at any Starbucks location, they also offer many varieties of a green eye. You can get it iced or hot, with any sort of creamer or milk you prefer. They also add three shots of espresso.

How much caffeine is in a red eye?

Red eye is typically a brewed coffee with an extra shot of espresso, so its caffeine on caffeine.

Indeed, taking into account that a red eye espresso is two distinctive caffeine-filled beverages in one, it packs a significant punch.

  • A standard mug of coffee, eight ounces, contains around 95 milligrams of caffeine. One ounce of coffee, equivalent to one shot, has around 64 milligrams of caffeine.
  • At the point when you add the two of these together, you are left with a solid mug of coffee that is at 159 milligrams of caffeine. The more shots of espresso you add to your coffee the higher the caffeine level.
  • The two shots of espresso in a bruised eye bring you 223 milligrams of caffeine. A dead eye (otherwise called a green eye from Starbucks), with three shots of coffee, carries your caffeine to 287 milligrams in only one drink.

While this may seem like a shock and, contingent upon your resistance, feel like one as well, it keeps you securely under the 400 milligrams for the everyday mark. 400 milligrams have been demonstrated to be a protected measure of caffeine for an adult to take in every day.

Of course, you should take into consideration how much caffeine your body can handle and go with it from there.

Excessive caffeine can cause restlessness, anxiety, and major insomnia. If you experience any of these things, then I would advise you to cut back on your caffeine.

Wrapping it up

Red eye coffee’s sole intent is to keep you awake and it does a pretty good job with it as well. A red eye coffee consists of brewed coffee topped off with a shot or two of espresso, so it does pack a punch. Just be mindful of how much caffeine you are taking in daily. The daily dose of caffeine an adult body can handle is under 400 milligrams so do not exceed that.

In this brief guide, we answered the question “what is red eye coffee” and discussed the potential aspects of how to make it and its variations.



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