What is Japan Breast Milk 

In this brief guide, we will discuss the query, “What is Japan breast milk?”, We will further discuss its benefits for the child and mother, whether breast milk is available in Japan, how long are babies breastfed in Japan and will discuss briefly the topic of formula feeding. 

What is Japan Breast Milk? 

Japan breast milk or mother’s milk is the normal milk produced by mammary glands, located in the breast of a human female. It contains water, fat, protein, and nutrients babies need to grow. It is considered very sweet milk. It has growth hormones, anti-infective properties, and bioactive molecules. Breast milk has benefits for the infant and also for the mother. 

Benefits for the Infant

  • Ideal nutrition for babies 
  • Reduce the risk of infections and diseases 
  • Promotes healthy weight 
  • Help brain development 
  • Promote organ development 
  • Help the immune system mature 

Breastfeeding Benefits for the Mother 

  • Lower risk for depression 
  • Reduces the risk of disease 
  • Help the uterus contact 
  • Reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer 
  • It May help the mother lose weight 

Is Breast Milk Available in Japan? 

Yes, breast milk is available in Japan. But only in a milk bank freezer at Showa University’s Koto Toyosu Hospital. The facility stores pasteurized breast milk in small containers. 

The reason behind this human milk bank is that sometimes the mother’s milk was not available to the baby. Therefore, other women’s (unpasteurized) milk was given to the infants. Some infants ended up with many different infections and diseases. 

Thus, this is why the human milk bank (HMB) in Japan was established in 2017. They can give donor human milk to the infants according to the standardized enteral feeding protocol. This has saved many babies and mothers. Japan is now working on establishing a second human milk bank. 

You can’t find breast milk on the shelves of the supermarket in Japan. But, some human milk products could be found online. There is not enough research on this. Is it ethical? Is it sterile? Is it human milk? This topic still raises many questions. 

When is Donor Breast Milk Needed? 

  • When the mother has low milk production 
  • For adopted newborns 
  • When the mother had previous breast surgeries 
  • When the mother is diagnosed with insufficient glandular tissue 
  • When the mother is treated with certain medications
  • When the mother has an infectious illness that could be passed to her baby

How Long are Babies Breastfed in Japan? 

Babies are breastfed in Japan for at least 6 months. A child usually continued breastfeeding until two to three years, and even up to six years of age. Many mothers in Japan turned to formula milk instead of breastfeeding because of the claim that they are more beneficial. 

Is Formula Healthy as Breast Milk?  

Yes, commercially prepared infant formulas are nutritious and contain some vitamins and nutrients that breastfed babies need to get from supplements. It is a combination of proteins, sugars, fat, and vitamins. 

The following table explains the benefits and the downsides of formula feeding. 

Benefits Challenges 
Convenience: either parent can feed the babyLack of antibiotics: the colostrum in human milk cannot be replaced by anything 
Formula-fed babies eat less often than breastfed babies Can’t match the complexity of breast milk 
Mothers will not have to worry about their diet Formula can be costly 
Possibility of producing gas and constipation 

How to Choose Whether to Breastfeed or Formula-feed? 

The choice of breastfeeding or formula feeding is one of the hardest and biggest choices a mother can make. 

Health experts believe the best nutritional choice for infants is breast milk. But because it may not be possible for all women, formula feeding is available. 

The decision should be made between the two parents, it should be made based on their comfort level, lifestyle, specific medical situation, and what is best for their baby. 

Some women worry about the bond that would be lost if they did not breastfeed their baby. But mothers should know that no matter what, caring and loving mothers will always create a strong special bond with their children. 

Mothers should weigh out the pros and cons of each method to ensure they took the best decision for themselves and their babies. 


In this brief guide, we discussed the query, “What is Japan breast milk?”, We further discussed its benefits for the child and mother, whether breast milk is available in Japan, how long are babies breastfed in Japan, and discussed briefly the topic of formula feeding. 

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