What is Chinese rice?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What is Chinese rice?”. We will further elaborate on the types of Chinese rice, the nutritional content and benefits of Chinese rice, and the recipes in which we can use Chinese rice.

What is Chinese rice?

Chinese rice is prepared by adding different additives to make them tasty and appealing in appearance. It includes vegetables, chunks of chicken, fried eggs, which are then mixed with different spices such as sesame oil, soy sauce, black pepper, salt, and seasonings along with cooking oil.

What are the types of Chinese rice?

Chinese rice is of different types that include:

  • Chinese White rice
  • Chinese Black Rice
  • Short grain rice
  • Jasmine scented rice
  • Black sticky rice
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet or Glutinous rice

We will discuss these types in detail.

Chinese White rice

Chinese white rice is usually found in a normal size that exists between medium to long sized grains. The quality and types of white rice depend upon the region where they have been cultivated. Long grains of white rice are long in size but not enough for basmati rice. 

These white rice are usually found in every local restaurant in China. When white rice is cooked, they remain separate, fluffy, and light in weight which goes perfect for preparing fried rice.

Many health organizations considered white rice as an unhealthy option. The white rice undergoes several steps of processes where the husk of rice gets separated which is called a hull and also the bran which is an outer layer along with germ which is a nutrient-rich core of rice. 

These all layers get detached from the rice when the grains undergo different processes. Due to this, they lose their nutritional layers such as vitamins and minerals which all are present in brown rice. This is one of the significant reasons due to which health organizations considered white rice as a bowl of unhealthy rice. 

Black sticky rice

These rice are mostly added to Asian desserts. Black sticky rice is cooked with a lot of water and chilled, and is soft and sticky.

Glutinous rice

Also called sticky or sweet rice, these rice are produced from short-grain rice kernels. In Chinese cuisine, glutinous rice is added to savory dishes and desserts.

Jasmine scented rice

Jasmine rice is one of the highly appreciated rice in the world. These are likened to eating wherever they are served in the restaurants. Jasmine scented rice has a significant aroma that is similar to popcorn while cooking. 

The taste and flavor of jasmine-scented rice are unequivocally luxurious and possess a unique sheen to their grains after cooking.

Chinese black rice

Chinese black rice is highly enriched with antioxidants due to which they are most commonly being used in our daily routine and for many recipes. Chinese black rice becomes popular or takes the place of white rice when we go out of white rice in our pantries. 

Black Chinese rice can be used in different recipes such as multi-grain porridge. These black Chinese rice give us the feeling of a healthy body.

Short grain rice

As the name indicates, these have a short and oval-shaped kernel. When cooked, they turn soft and form more clumps than long grain rice but less than sticky rice. 

Brown rice 

Brown rice goes through less processing and retains most of the rice bran, causing the rice to become somewhat tougher. It also requires more time for cooking and little extra water in comparison to long-grain white rice.

Recipes in which we can use the Chinese rice

Chinese rice can be prepared by using different recipes. The seasoning could be adjusted according to your taste and mood. Some of the recipes are described below:

  • Basic Cooked rice recipe
  • Chicken Fried rice
  • Sizzling rice or also known as crispy rice
  • Congee
  • Steamed scented rice or also called Jasmine and Basmati rice
  • Vegetable rice

We will discuss some of these types in detail below:

Steamed Scented rice or jasmine and Basmati rice

Scented rice was the main cuisine of Southeast Asian countries but it was included in the Chinese menu by the Chinese chef named Martin yan. He suggested adding this dish to their Chinese menu to give an extra aroma and taste, he also included some of his suggestions for spices.

Vegetable rice

Vegetable rice is prepared by mixing Chinese-specific mushrooms along with steamed rice or a yummy side dish in china.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What is Chinese rice?”. We have further elaborated on the types of Chinese rice, the nutritional content and benefits of Chinese rice, and the recipes in which we can use the Chinese rice.