What is cheaper than Uber Eats? (+3 Fees in Uber Eats)

In the following post, we will explain what is cheaper than Uber Eats. We will also mention a few ways through which users of Uber Eats can save money while ordering food in this app. Finally, we will check out the various fees that are present in Uber Eats that customers need to pay.

What is cheaper than Uber Eats?

No other food delivery app is cheaper than Uber Eats in terms of delivery fee. When compared to other popular food delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub and even Postmates, the cheapest option turned out to be Uber Eats which is one of the main reasons why this app is such a popular one.

How to save money on Uber Eats?

While Uber Eats can certainly be a much cheaper option that its counterparts, it can still be expensive on anyone’s wallet if used on a regular basis. Some ways through which customers of Uber Eats can save money and still order great food have been described as follows.

Use the promo codes and coupons

There are many promo codes and coupons that are easily available in Uber Eats which can save just more than a few bucks. The restaurants who are promoting certain dishes or their entire menu can be seen in the homepage and these can be cheap eats as well. Coupon codes from certain websites can also be used to save money on Uber Eats.

Avoid the busy fee

Uber Eats charges the customer a busy fee when the order is placed during peak hours. This busy fee can be avoided if the order is placed much before peak hours. If you know that you need to order from outside for lunch or dinner, you can always order much ahead so that you can save on this unnecessary fee.


Avoid the small order fee

You can also avoid the small order fee in Uber Eats. This small order fee is applied to those orders which do not cross the minimum limit in the app. The small order fee can easily be avoided by adding other items to your cart. You can always save the extra items for later consumption.

Schedule your orders

Another trick that you can use in Uber Eats is the pre-order feature. This is not only useful for busy people but can also be used to save money on busy fee. Orders that are scheduled much beforehand, during non-peak hours, are exempt from the busy fee even if the order is delivered then.

Get an Uber One membership

If you are planning on using Uber Eats on a regular basis, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to get an Uber One membership. This comes at a cost of $9.99 for the entire month. If you plan on using the app for the whole year, you can opt for the yearly membership which comes at a cost of $99.99 for 365 days.

Through this membership, you can enjoy many advantages while saving a lot of money. The main advantage of having an Uber One membership is that you are charged zero delivery fees for an unlimited number of orders. However, this is only for those orders that cross the minimum limit in the app.

Avoid ordering when hungry

A big mistake that you can do on any food delivery app, and not just Uber Eats, is ordering when you are famished. When our blood sugar is low, we tend to go for sugary and fatty foods which can be terrible for our health and can also strain our wallets. The best thing to do is to go order your meals much ahead in time so that you order healthier and more inexpensive options.

Various fees in Uber Eats

Uber Eats charges customers a variety of fees. Some of the fees that can be found in the breakdown of the order subtotal have been shared below.

Actual cost of the food

The actual cost of the food in Uber Eats forms the major chunk of the order subtotal. The cost of the dish in Uber Eats may be slightly higher than that in the actual restaurant. This cost, can however be reduced with the use of promo codes and coupon codes.

Delivery fee

Uber Eats charges its users a delivery fee to bring the order to them from the restaurant. The delivery fee might be slightly higher during peak hours and even when certain events like ball games or concerts happen in town. Members of Uber One do not need to pay any such fee. The delivery fee in Uber Eats is much less than that compared to other food delivery apps.

Service fee

A service fee in Uber Eats is charged to the customer for actually using the services of Uber Eats. This is usually 10 percent of the order subtotal and goes toward the cost of maintaining the app.


In the following post, we have explained what is cheaper than Uber Eats. We have also mentioned a few ways through which users of Uber Eats can save money while ordering food in this app. Finally, we have checked out the various fees that are present in Uber Eats that customers need to pay.

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