What is a potato ricer substitute?

In this brief guide, we will answer a question, “What is a potato ricer substitute?” We will further elaborate on what potato rice is, and what are the possible substitutes for potato rice.

What is a potato ricer substitute?

Potato ricer can be substituted with:

  • Potato masher
  • Fine grater
  • Food mill
  • Meat grinder

Some of the potato ricer substitutes are described below:

Fine grater

The fine grater is a perfect substituted utensil for potato ricer. A potato ricer is a kitchen tool that enables you to mince or cut down the potato. But if you are out of it then you can use a fine grater which works on the same principle as potato ricer.

The fine grater is almost present in every kitchen which is used for various other things such as grating vegetables like carrot or radish.

The fine grater has efficient blades which work for grating the ingredients. The fine grater is not a limited device for potatoes, you can also use it for grating cheese, fruit slices, or even many other spices. 

The downside of a fine grater is that it cuts the ingredients into very small particles. To easily grate the potato, it is advised to boil them properly. Boiling will reduce the effort of the grating.

The fine grater is very easy to use but you should read the precautions before using it. Sometimes, fine grater could be dangerous such as it might cause injury on your hand or it can cut your finger. That’s why it is advised not to apply too much force while using it.

Food mill 

The food mill is another substituted tool for potato ricer which gives almost the same product for the recipes. A food mill is a kitchen tool that is composed of different components. The upper part of it is the component that has a blade to cut down the ingredients. 

The second one is a bottom place that has holes and the last one is a bowl where grated products accumulate. The vegetables or other ingredients which you will put on to the plate will be cut down and they will be collected in the bowl of a food mill.

One of the best things about the food mill kitchen device is that it is very easy to handle for cutting or cleaning. But you should keep it in mind, just like the food grater, you have to boil the potatoes properly, it will help you to grate them easily.

Potato masher

Another common substituted product for potato ricer is the potato masher which is used for mashing not only potatoes but also many other vegetables such as beans and peas. Even a potato masher could be used to crush down the food material while preparing any dish.

The potato masher is named because most people use it for mashing potatoes rather than other vegetables. It is also easy to use and handle, but it needs a little bit more power than the other two alternate tools of a potato ricer. 

In a potato masher, you have to apply the force manually. So, it is advised to boil them as much as possible. You have to push down the ingredients just to mash them properly. 

Another disadvantage of potato mashers is that they might make your potato feel crushed. All of the other options, on the other contrary, yield a significantly fluffier product.

A meat grinder

Riced potatoes are considered light potatoes. Potato ricers are good to use but if you are out of potato ricers then you can go for a meat grinder to grate potatoes which will give almost similar results. Firstly, check the meat grinder properly that it has enough capability to mash potatoes.


If you have no other substituted tool, then you can simply use a fork for mashing potatoes. However, it is a hard technique and also requires a lot of time to get similar results for mashed potatoes.

What is Potato ricer? 

A potato ricer is a kitchen utensil made up of stainless steel which is used for creating a smooth, fluffy, and mashed potato product in no time. It requires a very small effort than all other ricers. It is also easy to use and clean.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What is a potato ricer substitute?”. We have further elaborated on what potato rice is, what are the possible substitutes for potato rice, and how we can use them.