What is a coffee press used for?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question, “What is a coffee press used for?”. We will further elaborate on the working of coffee presses and the benefits of coffee presses.

What is a coffee press used for?

A coffee press is used to hold water and coffee. Coffee presses facilitate the process of pouring coffee into mugs. A coffee press provides pressure and forces the coffee to settle down the bottom of the pot once brewing is completed. Thus, it concentrates flavors and ensures the finest quality of coffee.

The comparison between the coffee press and drip coffee maker

The main purpose of coffee presses and drip coffee is the same. Both of these are used in making coffee. One of the main differences between these is the way by which coffee is extracted in hot water. 

In a drip coffee maker, to extract oil from the coffee, hot water is passed through the grounds. In a coffee press, coffee grounds are steeped in water for a considerable period.

Another difference is in the taste of coffee made from these machines. The drip machine has filter papers. Due to these filter papers, a sufficient amount of oil is absorbed from coffee grounds. This absorption alters the taste of coffee. 

In contrast, a coffee press does not soak up flavors. The presence of tiny bits of coffee grounds in coffee enhances the flavor and provides the finest flavor of the coffee.

What are the required things before making coffee by the coffee press?

These are the requirements for making coffee by the coffee press.

Clean water: Water used for making coffee must be pure and filtered. It must not be contaminated, otherwise, it can alter the taste of coffee.

Coffee beans: The quality of coffee depends highly on the quality of coffee beans. That’s why we must use high-quality and freshly roasted coffee beans. The majority of people prefer spicy, woody, and nutty beans as these provide medium and dark roast coffee.

Coffee grinder: Coffee grinder is used to grind coffee beans. Thus it eliminates the need for pre grounding coffee. Pre-ground coffee may be oxidized, having lost its flavor over time. 

One of the best coffee grinders is the burr grinder. This grinder allows you to set the grind size and produces evenly-sized grinds that result in a fuller, more balanced coffee.

Kettle: Kettle is used for boiling water. Before adding water to the coffee press, water is boiled in it. An instant-read thermometer is used to determine the temperature of the water before it is poured on the ground coffee.

Coffee scoop: A coffee scoop enhances the consistency and the taste of coffee. It determines the amount of coffee being used. If it is not available, then a measuring spoon can be used in its place.

How can you use a coffee press?

These are the steps describing how to use a coffee press.

Water is boiled: After boiling water, heat is turned off. Then it is cooled so its temperature reaches 200 degrees F. This temperature is usually achieved after thirty seconds of boiling water.

Adding ground coffee: Ground coffee is added to the carafe. After adding this, add hot water. Coffee ground floats up to the top after 60 seconds. This floating up of coffee creates a crust. This crust is broken by using a wooden spoon and is stirred. These grounds will then sink to the bottom.

Putting the lid on the carafe: A plunger is used to place the lid on the carafe. After placing the lid, steep for a further three minutes.

Pulling of plunger: The plunger is pulled slightly down. Coffee is served after two minutes. As coffee sits at the bottom, it becomes bitter. Make sure to clean the coffee press after each use. The presence of coffee ground and oil residue present on the carafe enhances the bitterness of the coffee.

What are the pros of coffee presses?

These are the advantages of coffee presses.

  • By using coffee presses, users can make coffee according to their requirements.
  • The steeping time of coffee grounds can be adjusted according to the choice of users while using the coffee press. Different sized grounds can be used.
  • Coffee made by using a coffee press has a fine and bitter taste as compared to coffee made by other methods.
  • The natural oils of coffee grounds are retained by making coffee from the coffee press.
  • No filters are used in coffee presses. Due to this, the natural taste of coffee is retained.
  • Coffee presses are portable. Its size is small and does not require electrical connections in its simplified breaker.


In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What is a coffee press used for?”. We have further elaborated on the working of coffee presses and the benefits of coffee presses.



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