What happens when you smoke tea?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question, “What happens when you smoke tea?”. We will further elaborate on the taste, health benefits, and downsides of smoking tea.

What happens when you smoke tea?

When you smoke tea, it may affect your health negatively. This is because just like smoking tobacco and coffee, smoking tea also has health hazards. Besides this, smoking tea also provides some health benefits due to which some people prefer it.

What does smoking tea taste like?

Smoking tea has a pleasant taste. Some people think that the taste of smoking tea is just like normal tea. But this is not the case. Flavors present in smoking tea provide a fresh feeling and mellow taste.

Can smoking tea make you high?

Although many people claim that smoking tea makes them high. But it is not true. The presence of carbon monoxide in smoking tea can make you lightened. Besides this, it is not true that components present in smoking tea like L-theanine and caffeine cause hallucination.

What is the composition of tea smoke?

Following components are present in tea smoke.

  • A high percentage of furfural (46.08% area)
  • Methyl-2-furancarboxaldehyde (16.92% area)
  • 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde (4.17% area)
  • Caffeine (11.86% area)

Can tea bags be used for smoking?

Yes, tea bags can be used for smoking besides loose leaves. But there is a concern regarding the smoking of teabags. It is that some harmful preservatives are present in tea bags. These preservatives can cause many irregularities if present in excess. However, like tea leaves, nicotine and tobacco are absent in tea bags too.

Is it illegal to smoke tea?

No, it is not illegal to smoke tea. No regulations have been imposed on smoking tea by far. However, it is not appreciated by the majority of the people just like smoking tobacco.

How can you smoke tea?

These steps are followed to smoke tea.

  • The leaves of tea and rice are toasted over medium to high heat. A sealed wok is used to toast them.
  •  Let a few wisps of smoke escape from the lid.
  • After escaping from the smoke, we should wait for some time until smoke is built in the wok.
  • Then heat is turned off. Time is provided to the items inside so that they may absorb the smoke fully.

What are the flavors of smoking tea?

Smoking tea is available in numerous flavors. These are some flavors of smoking tea.

  • Black smoking tea
  • Jasmine smoking tea
  • Early Gray smoking tea

While making smoking tea some spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and citrus rind can be added. Besides these, some people also prefer adding brown sugar to their tea smoking mixture. Its purpose is to enhance the speed of the process other than adding a sweet taste to smoking tea.

What are the health benefits of smoking tea?

Smoking tea provides the following health benefits.

Decreases anxiety: One of the main reasons behind people smoking tea is that it is effective in lowering anxiety levels. It functions like marijuana without any harmful effects.

Increases learning ability: Smoking tea is known to enhance learning abilities by increasing our concentration. It is also beneficial for memory.

Improves mental functions: Smoking tea improves mental functions and cognitive abilities in the long run.

Improves metabolic rate: Smoking tea affects our metabolic rate positively. Due to enhanced metabolic rate, it becomes easy to lose weight. Energy levels are also enhanced due to it.

Can replace cigarettes: Smoking tea functions just like cigarettes. Like it can make you feel lightened. It also increases energy levels. The main difference between them is the absence of nicotine and some harmful agents in smoking tea. Due to this smoking tea can healthily replace cigarettes.

What health hazards are caused by smoking tea?

These health hazards are caused by smoking tea.

Lung cancer: Some agents present in smoking tea are detrimental to the health of the lungs. These agents can cause lung cancer in the person who smokes tea excessively.

Heart diseases: Smoking tea can lead to numerous cardiovascular diseases mainly stroke.

Can affect pregnant women: Pregnant women must not smoke tea even in moderate amounts. This is because smoking tea can affect their fetus.

Headache: Caffeine present in smoking tea provides us energy and makes us feel fresh. The ultimate result of excessive usage of caffeine is headache and dizziness.

Carbon monoxide poisoning: Combustible products also produce CO2, so excessive smoking of any substance can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. So it is necessary to smoke tea in moderation.

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In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What happens when you smoke tea?”. We have further elaborated on the taste, health benefits, and downsides of smoking tea.