What happens when you put salt on a snail?

In this brief guide, we will provide an answer to the question, “What happens when you put salt on a snail?”. We will further elaborate on other ways to control snails rather than salt.

What happens when you put salt on a snail?

When you put salt on a snail, they die. Snails have a very thin outer membrane so when we sprinkle the salt on them, water is readily eliminated through a process called osmosis. 

The snails’ body dries out more, as more water excretes. As a result of this, snails try to produce more slime which gives them protection by creating a “frothing” or “bubbling” effect that makes them look like they are dissolving.

Soon after, the snail shrivels up and dies of dehydration; as water and air are eliminated out of its skin by the salt and slime mixture that is all over it.

Needless to say, this does not happen in humans because they have less permeable skin as compared to snails. However, if humans do get salt in their eyes or an open wound, they will feel immense pain.

Can snails feel pain by sprinkling salt?

To justify the feeling of pain by the snails when salt is sprinkled on them is a controversial statement because till now no one could determine the exact feelings of a snail. 

However, it has been proven by research that snails could not feel pain because while snails do have a nervous system, they are without the brain. 

The feeling of pain is generated from the conscious part of the brain, that’s why the feeling of pain is only sensed by vertebrates.

However, some researchers have concluded that, although the feeling of pain could not be experienced by the snails like humans. But they would feel an extreme feeling of discomfort or distress by the melting process which occurs due to salt sprinkling.

What are snails?

Snails are gastropods. Gastropod is a primitive Greek word that means stomach foot. Snails are considered a serious pest of many plants, particularly of the succulent and young plants. Low-growing fruits or seedlings are also the main focus of snails to emit their hunger. Low-growing fruits involve tomatoes and strawberries. 

Snails could scrap the plant with the help of their tongue and they are also capable of taking large chunks from the plant which destroy the ripening fruits.

Can we use salt as a controlling agent for snails?

You can use salt to remove the snails from your garden. The sprinkling of salt is only for those who can handle the outcomes of salt. Salt sprinkling will cause snails to make karmic repercussions that are the negative energy produced by snails to cause harm in other organisms.

Killing the snail with salt is a hellish way of death. It can not be handled by those who do not have the guts to face the content of slime which is excreted by the snail.

What are the alternative methods for controlling snails?

There are many other alternative methods by which you can control snails. As snails can be found in different foliage including low-growing fruits, young, and succulent plants. Some other methods other than salt are described below:

Snail traps

There are many effective and easy methods to kill snails by trapping them. One of the simple methods is trapping through beer. You should take a cup that is filled up to the lips with beer and wait until the snails come and drink it for their death. 

This is an easy and effective method to kill snails. The cup of beer should be replaced after a few days. This snail controlling method could also be applied to slugs.

Hand-picking of snails

One of the good things about snails is that they are not very hard to catch by hand. A hand-picking method is another good method to remove the snails from your garden.

To follow the hand-picking method, you need to inspect your garden to get rid of snails almost two times a week. When you find any snail, catch it and drop them off. 

You should kill them quickly by dropping them in a bucket of soapy water which must have almost 5 to 10 percent of the ammonia solution. Also, another option is to crush the snail after picking them and leave the bodies for birds.

You can use snail resistant barriers

Snail-resistant barriers are really effective in controlling snails. These include sawdust, diatomaceous earth, wood, lime, and copper striping.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What happens when you put salt on a snail?”. We have further elaborated on other ways to control snails rather than salt.


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