What happens if you eat too much chocolate?

In this brief guide, we will provide an answer to the question, “What happens if you eat too much chocolate?”. We will further elaborate on the side effects of consuming too much chocolate and the types of chocolates along with which is best to consume.

What happens if you eat too much chocolate?

If you eat too much chocolate, you may become sick.

Chocolate is one of the favourite foods for kids as well as adults which has many health benefits. But as an excess of everything is bad, you should always choose to consume a moderate amount of chocolate. 

No doubt, chocolate is a healthy food with many positive effects on human health but consuming too much of it can cause many health problems. 

Chocolates have different effects on every human. For some, it proves to be a good product, whereas, for people who are sensitive to caffeine or any other ingredient present in chocolate, it may prove to be harmful.

In such sensitive people, eating an excessive amount of chocolate may cause several health problems such as cardiac diseases along with disorders of the nervous system, insomnia, stomach issues, extrasystole, and palpitations.

What are the side effects of consuming too much chocolate?

Some of the side effects that can be caused due to overconsumption of chocolates are described below:

Gastrointestinal issue

Consumption of too much chocolate could result in severe gastrointestinal issues due to the acidic effect of caffeine. The acidic nature of caffeine could cause food acidity and also lead to heartburn sensation, and acid reflux issues. 

Too much consumption of chocolates can cause inflammation in the stomach which as a result causes ulcers.

Weight gain

Chocolate has fat in its composition which consists of a large number of calories that could result in weight gain issues. Obesity or weight gain problems can produce many unpleasant conditions such as diabetes, heart issues, and an increase of blood pressure up to a dangerous level.

High potassium

Potassium is present in a high content in chocolate that is not good for human health. Chocolate with a high amount of potassium can cause several issues, such as it can create kidney stones that will cause severe pain and problems in urination. The high consistency of potassium could also result in diseases related to adrenal glands. 

People who are already sensitive or suffering from any kidney or adrenal issue should avoid the consumption of chocolate or other potassium enriched foods.

Acid reflux issue

Excessive chocolate consumption can also cause Irritation in the lining of the stomach due to the passage of gastric juice through the oesophagus.

What is the reason behind not eating too much chocolate?

Although we are aware of all the possible benefits of chocolate, despite these health benefits, eating an excess of chocolate can cause harmful effects on your body. So, try to avoid excess chocolates. 

Caffeine is one of the most prominent ingredients present in chocolates that gives us relief from anxiety and depression. However, excess caffeine will cause sweating, dizziness, fast heartbeats, and increased anxiety and depression.

What are the types of chocolate?

While moving through the baking or candy site of a store, you may get to know about different types of chocolates including:

Baking Chocolate 

Baking chocolate is usually used to synthesise candies or sweets. Generally baking chocolate is free of sugar. It is usually composed of 100 percent cocoa mass aka chocolate liquor.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is composed of sugar, cocoa, vanilla extract along with an emulsifier which helps the other ingredients of chocolates to mix smoothly. The dark colour of this chocolate is due to the higher consistency of liquor. 

Milk chocolate 

Milk chocolate is composed of a very little amount of cocoa and consists of more sugar as compared to dark chocolate. It also consists of cocoa butter, lecithin, milk solids, and vanilla flavouring.

Other types of chocolate

Other types of chocolate such as white chocolate may be formed by separating oesophagus butter which is usually a component of fats in liquor chocolates. 

Some industrial organisations claimed that white chocolate is composed of fat from milk, vanilla, cocoa butter, lecithin, and solid milk.

Which chocolate is good to consume?

Dark chocolate is considered best for consumption according to a publication in June 2017. It is good because the plant extractions such as polyphenols which are found in cocoa have an antioxidant effect that enhances the neurological functioning of the nervous system and prevents damage to cells.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What happens if you eat too much chocolate?”. We have further elaborated on the side effects of consuming too much chocolate and the types of chocolates along with which is best to consume.




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