What happens if you eat expired mayonnaise?

In this article, we answer the following question: What happens if you eat expired mayonnaise? We talk about the shelf life of homemade and industrial mayonnaise and will let you know the best trick to keep mayonnaise fresh for longer.

What happens if you eat expired mayonnaise?

If you eat expired mayonnaise you can have stomach aches and pains and if it has been made with unhygienic eggs there is a risk that some of these are contaminated with salmonella that could cause salmonellosis infection. Typhoid fever is another disease that can be caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. The risk is low, but it may happen that bacteria multiply and cause digestive disorders more or less severe.

Expired mayonnaise has high acidity and rancidity and the product becomes unpleasant. But it is not the only thing that happens when the mayonnaise passes its expiration date, another aspect in the case of this product is the risk that it contains “salmonella” which is a bacteria that normally lives on the surface of eggs, the skin of tomatoes and fruits and vegetables.

How long does unopened mayonnaise last? 

Unopened mayonnaise can safely last 3 – 4 months beyond their printed expiry date. This is because the expiry or best before date is just a rough idea and the product may still be safe to consume. Store your mayonnaise in the refrigerator for best results.

Does mayonnaise go bad?

Yes, mayonnaise goes bad after a certain period of time. An unopened package of mayonnaise is safe to consume 3 – 4 months past its date mentioned on the label. To make the most out of it, you can store mayonnaise in the refrigerator to further extend its shelf life.

Can I eat expired mayonnaise? 

No, you absolutely should not consume expired mayonnaise. This is because mayonnaise is prone to contamination by certain bacteria. Ingesting these could pose some serious health issues. On the bright side, mayonnaise can last 3-4 months past its expiration date. However, once you are sure about its expiry, it is better to get rid of them and buy a new one.

Can expired mayonnaise make you sick? 

Yes, expired mayonnaise can make you sick. If the mayonnaise and the water content are separating, then mayonnaise can make you sick. Separating content means bacterial growth and spoilage, thus its consumption is not recommended. If mayonnaise has recently expired, then it may not make you sick.

Can you use mayonnaise after the “use by” date?

Refrigerated mayonnaise is still safe to consume after their “use by” date for a good 2-4 months. The use-by date is an estimate according to the manufacturer, before which the product retains top quality. However, with proper storage, you can extend its shelf life.

When does mayonnaise expire? 

An open jar of mayonnaise will last good in the refrigerator for up to two months. If the jar hasn’t been opened yet, it can last up to a year in the refrigerator, or 2 to 3 months out of the fridge.

As you can see, these products do expire, but not as soon as indicated on the jars where it says that they must be consumed within 72 hours once opened, which would practically condemn us if we were to pay attention, not only to throw away the entire jars after a simple use but also to buy a bottle of each, every time we want to use them, which is obviously a nonsense outrage.

How do you know if mayonnaise is expired?

You will know that the mayonnaise is expired because it will change its taste because it will become very sour. Expired mayonnaise can also be detected by smell since bad mayonnaise will emit a strong odor. Visually, too, mayonnaise that is unfit for consumption can be identified. 

When the surface of the mayo is much darker than the mayonnaise at the bottom of the container. This is the effect of oxidation. If you notice uneven colors on your mayonnaise, refrain from eating it! Lumps can also appear on expired mayonnaise.

Like ketchup, expired mayonnaise is also noticed by a whitish or brownish mold that forms on the lid of the jar or on the surface of the mayonnaise. Expired mayonnaise can also loosen and oil can appear on the surface. Do not eat mayonnaise when these signs are visible.

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Why does mayonnaise expire?

Homemade mayonnaise contains almost no preservatives, so their shelf life once made is quite short and it is not recommended to consume it after more than 48 hours, so it is better than if you are used to making it at home, do not a lot of sauce or you will have to throw it away.

Mayonnaise bought in the supermarket is the one that most people will have at home, and which has a much longer useful life than the homemade one, and much longer than that indicated on the bottle as the expiration date. 

The shelf life of homemade mayonnaise

Do you have an irresistible craving for mayonnaise to accompany your fries? Wondering if the jar of mayonnaise in your fridge is good? If it is an industrial mayonnaise, bought at the supermarket, then it can be consumed up to 10 weeks, or about 2 months after opening the jar. Provided it is stored properly in the refrigerator and not past the expiration date.

On the other hand, for homemade mayonnaise, it is not recommended to eat it after a week (7 days of storage in the fridge). And yes, industrial mayonnaise is embellished with preservatives to optimize shelf life.

FDA asks consumers to limit the shelf life of homemade mayonnaise to 24 hours after it has been made. The latter should then be stored in an airtight container in a cool place at a temperature of 4 ° C or less.

The shelf life of bought mayonnaise

Purchased in supermarkets, in tubes or jars, artificial mayonnaise can be consumed up to 10 weeks after opening the jar. A little tip: write down the date you opened your jar on the label.

Isn’t twenty-four hours of storage enough? It is possible to extend the shelf life of homemade mayonnaise. Add lemon or vinegar to your preparation and keep your mayonnaise cool for one more day!


In this article, we answered the following question: What happens if you eat expired mayonnaise? We talked about the shelf life of homemade and industrial mayonnaise and will let you know the best trick to keep mayonnaise fresh for longer.

From what you already know, if no more time has passed than indicated above in this article and it also has both visually and its smell is still fine, you can consume it without problems, I hope this article has helped you, any questions or opinions please let us know!