What happens if you eat expired lays chips?

In this article, we will answer the question “What happens if you eat expired lays chips?”, and what is the shelf-life of potato chips?

What happens if you eat expired lays chips?

Eating expired lays chips won’t make you sick. Packaged food lasts quite a long time past the expiration due to the preservatives. However, expired packaged food won’t have the same taste or texture. 

For example, lays chips will become soggy losing their crisp texture past the expiry date. If the lays chips are too stale or give off a bad smell, discard them. Stale potato chips are not necessarily unsafe to eat but they can be discarded for quality reasons.

Similarly, If you notice any organic growth over the lays chips, get rid of the whole lays package. Consuming moldy lays chips can cause food poisoning as a result of which you may experience vomiting, fever, diarrhea, or stomach pain. 

But this is unlikely to happen since the mold growth will be pretty obvious and no=one wants to eat moldy food.

Is there an expiration date on chips?

Yes, all packs of processed chips come with the expiration date written on them. However, it does not necessarily mean they will be immediately spoiled after the date passes. The expiration date tells the limit until which the quality of chips is ensured and they stay fresh.

Can chips expire?

Technically, chips can’t expire. Beyond the expiration, date chips can become stale or when left open they can absorb moisture and lose the crunch, but they don’t expire. Thus, a pack of chips is perfectly safe to eat even past the expiration date.

What is the chip’s expiration date? 

The expiry date of chips is the one mentioned on the packaging. Chips expire two to three weeks after the sell-by date if kept in the pantry at room temperature with low moisture. After the mentioned time elapses, the chip might start to lose crunch and go stale. Spoilage is rare considering the low water content and high amount of salt.

What happens if you eat chips past their expiration date? 

If you happen to come across an old pack of chips, it is perfectly safe to consume them. Your potato chips will taste stale past their expiration date but it doesn’t mean they will negatively affect your health.

Are stale chips safe to eat?

Yes, stale chips are perfectly safe to eat. Just like bread, potato chips go stale past their expiration date, but that doesn’t mean that they have become unsafe to consume. There will be changes in texture and quality of the product, but they’re safe to consume.

How long do potato chips last?

Unopened Pantry 
Past printed date 
Packaged potato chips 2-3 weeks 
Vegetable chips 2-3 weeks 
Bugles 2-3 weeks 
Fritos 2-3 weeks 
Chex Mix 2-3 weeks 
Pringles 2-3 weeks 
Tostitos 3-4 weeks 
Doritos 3-4 weeks 
Goldfish 3-4 weeks 
Pretzels 3-4 weeks 
Crackers 3-4 weeks 
Opened Pantry 
Homemade potato chips 2-3 days 
Packaged potato chips 5-7 days 
Packaged tortilla chips 1-2 weeks 
Crackers 2-4 weeks 

How do store potato chips extend their shelf-life?

Any packaged food including the store-bought potato chips should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place e.g the pantry. Store the potato chips away from heat and moisture. 

After opening, keep the potato chips in the original packaging. Seal it tightly using clips. Remove as much air as possible before clipping the folded package.

Foods that might be OK after the best-by date 

Pasteurized milk, cheese, and yogurt

All of these milk products undergo pasteurization during processing which kills the pathogenic and spoilage microbes. If stored correctly, these dairy products can be consumed after their best-by date unless theory looks or smell bad. It is not recommended to consume soft cheese after expiration.

Non-perishable foods 

Some of the perishable foods that may be good to eat even past their bets-by are discussed below.


The cereal begins to go stale quickly once It’s past its expiry. But you can prolong its shelf-life by storing it correctly. Cereal with added fats and nuts will have a shorter shelf-life than plain cereal. It is always a good idea to pour yourself some cereal to check If It is good or not.


Dry pasta, stored in a cool, dry, and dark place has a much longer shelf-life than the standard 1-2 years. However, the case is different with fresh pasta which has a lot of water and probably some eggs. Fresh pasta only lasts 1-2 days in the fridge, after which, It should be discarded.


Bread goes stale once it’s past its expiry but it may still be safe to eat. If the bread tastes sour or If you notice any type of organic growth over your bread, throw it in the bin. Stale bread can be used to make crispy french toast or croutons. 

Foods not to eat after the expiration date

Perishable foods like deli meat, raw eggs, ready-to-eat foods that are not heated, and unpasteurized dairy products should not be consumed past the expiration date. 

Tips on food safety 

Store food safely: To avoid cross-contamination, cooked or uncooked produce or any other food product should be stored away from raw meat, poultry, and seafood.

Handle it properly: Personal hygiene and the cleanliness and sanitation of food contact surfaces are important to avoid food-borne illness.

Cook the item to safe temperature: To kill the harmful bacteria, perishable foods should be cooked to a safe internal temperature. The safe internal temperature for poultry is 165 degrees. For beef and pork, It is 145 degrees. While the egg dishes need to be cooked to a safe internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Maximize the shelf-life of the product: The food products kept in the pantry should be stored in air-tight metal, glass, or plastic containers. The temperature should be steady between 50 and 70. Perishable products like eggs and meat should be stored in the fridge at a steady temperature of 4 degrees or below.

Track how long the item’s been stored: Different types of food products have a different shelf-life when stored in the fridge or freezer.


In this article, we answered the question “What happens if you eat expired lays chips?”, and what is the shelf-life of potato chips?


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