What happens if Uber Eats driver cancels order? (+5 Uber Eats features)

This article will explain what happens if the Uber Eats driver cancels the order. We will also look at the different circumstances in which the delivery driver might cancel the order placed by the customer. In addition to this, we will be describing the different features that Uber Eats has that can be very useful for its customers.

What happens if Uber Eats driver cancels order?

If the Uber Eats driver is canceling your order, you will be automatically entitled to a refund. This can be partial or whole depending on the circumstances in which the order was canceled. If you want to reach out for a whole refund, you can always contact the support team of Uber Eats.

When do delivery drivers cancel Uber Eats orders?

Delivery drivers in Uber Eats do not cancel orders willy-nilly. They are highly driven to get the food order to the waiting customer. However, in certain circumstances, the delivery driver might cancel the order. These circumstances are,

  • When the delivery driver has tried to contact the customer, but was unable to do so. The delivery drivers in Uber Eats have access to the contact details of the customer and usually call them ahead of time in case they run into any difficulties in reaching the delivery address. If the customer fails to answer them, the delivery driver might simply cancel the order.
  • When the restaurant merchant is closed and thus not able to fulfill the order. This can happen sometimes as the restaurant itself might face some issues of its own. It can also happen if the order was placed too late and the details of the restaurant were not updated in the app. In this case, the delivery driver might cancel the order of the customer.
  • When the items in the order are not present in the restaurant. Sometimes, the items requested by the customer might not be available anymore in the restaurant and thus the order cannot be fulfilled by the delivery driver. 

Some drivers do contact the customer to ask if they would like an alternative dish. However, in most cases the order is simply canceled by the driver.

Best features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats is not like other food delivery apps. This app has a large collection of useful features that are unique to it and thus make Uber Eats one of the most popular and highly sought-after food delivery apps in the world today. The very best features in Uber Eats have been described in the section below.

Uber Eats allows scheduled orders

In Uber Eats, the customer can place orders much beforehand so that they can enjoy later. The order can be placed up to seven days in advance. Once it has been placed, the customer will be notified of the status of the order through push alerts or push notifications. They will also be able to track the order through live tracking features.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats that can be a solid advantage for foodies who like to explore the city. The user will need to pick a certain spot on the map that is given and will be shown the different restaurants and eateries that are operating nearby. This can also be used by those who want to pick up their orders from nearby restaurants.

Riders can place orders as well

Riders who are using the rider-hailing services of Uber can also place orders on Uber Eats now. Once the ride starts, the rider will be notified of the different restaurants that are operating on the way. The rider can then place an order and pick it up. This can be a great advantage for riders who are going back home after a long day and will not have time to cook.

Group orders can be placed here

Group orders can also be placed in Uber Eats that can be amazing for social gatherings like parties and even business lunches. In this feature, one member of the group can create a group order to which the others can add their own items. The bill can be paid for by one person and can also be split between the members. All the items in the group order arrive together.

Uber Eats gives out the Uber One membership

Uber Eats also has a membership plan that can be very advantageous for those who use the app on a regular basis. This membership plan comes at a cost of $9.99 for a month. The customer can also get a yearly membership for a price of $99.99. Through this membership plan, the members or customers of Uber Eats can enjoy numerous advantages.

The main advantage that the members of Uber One enjoy is the zero delivery charges on an unlimited number of orders. They can also get the first taste of special offers and discounts and even get invite only promotional offers. Thus, Uber One can be quite economical in the long run.

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This article has explained what happens if the Uber Eats driver cancels the order. We have also looked at the different circumstances in which the delivery driver might cancel the order placed by the customer. In addition to this, we have described the different features that Uber Eats has that can be very useful for its customers.

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