What goes with eggnog

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “What goes with eggnog?” With an in-depth analysis of the things that go well with the eggnog. Moreover, we are going to discuss the storage and the types of eggnog.

What goes with eggnog?

Following are the things that can go well with the eggnog;

  1. Pair the eggnog with the different types of alcohol such as rum, brandy, bourbon etc.
  1. You can also add flavour to the eggnog using cinnamon, nutmeg etc.
  1. You can also pair the eggnog with the appetisers such as chips, candy, crackers etc.

What do you know about eggnog?

Eggnog is a popular holiday drink which is made up of eggs, milk, sugar, rum or brandy and spices etc.

It became a very popular drink in the United States in the 18th century and it is used during the holidays till now.

Usually, people use it at Christmas time, but you can have it any time.

What can go well with the eggnog?

Following things well with the eggnog if used properly;

Add Coffee:

You can add coffee to the eggnog, it will boost up its flavour.

Add Vanilla:

You can also add vanilla to the eggnog but you should use pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste with it.

Add Chocolate:

You can add cocoa powder or chocolate chips to the eggnog, as they are good for serving it.

Add Cinnamon:

You can also add cinnamon to the eggnog. Cinnamon is spicy and will spark the flavour of the eggnog.

Add Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is another ingredient that you can add to the eggnog.

Add Orange:

You can also add orange zest or orange juice to the eggnog.

Add Ginger:

Ginger is also popular and can be added to the eggnog.

Add lemon:

Lemon can give a brighter flavour to your eggnog.

Add Maple syrup:

This is very traditional and the addition of the maple syrup to the eggnog will give a sweeter taste to it.

Add vanilla:

You can add vanilla to the eggnog to give it a classic flavour too.

Add eggs:

Eggs can also be added to make the eggnog yummy.


You can also add honey as a common sweetener to the eggnog.

What alcohols can you mix with the eggnog?

Following are the types of the alcohols that can be mixed with the eggnog and goes well with it;

  • Rum
  • Brandy
  • Bourbon
  • Scotch 
  • Vodka
  • Amaretto
  • Whisky
  • Cognac
  • Liqueurs

What appetizers can be served with eggnog?

Following are the appetisers that you can add to eggnog;

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Cookies 
  • Candy 
  • Fruit
  • M & Mrs
  • Marshmallows 
  • Nuts
  • Potato chips
  • S’mores
  • Yoghurt 
  • Watermelon
  • Zucchini 

How can you properly store the eggnog?

Proper storage of the eggnog is required to protect the eggnog from going bad and increase its shelf life.

You can store the eggnog in the following ways;

  • You should store the homemade eggnog at a temperature less than 40 degrees. In this way, it will last for about 2_3 days.
  • If you have bought the eggnog from the store, then you should keep it in the fridge and it will have a shelf life of 5_7days in the fridge.
  • However, if you have canned eggnog, it should also be kept in the fridge. It will last for 4_5 months if kept unopened.
  • However, if you have opened the canned eggnog, it will last for only 5_7 days.

How to know that eggnog has gone bad?

Eggnog, because of the presence of the dairy products in it, has a shorter shelf life and can go bad.

That’s why before using the eggnog, you should make sure that it is safe to use.

You can easily know that your eggnog has gone bad by noticing a few signs.

Some of the signs of the bad eggnog are as follows;

  • Lumpy texture
  • Sour and unpleasant smell
  • Loss of colour
  • Unpleasant taste 

What are the types of eggnog?

There are several types of eggnog that you can purchase. Some of them are as follows;

  • Spiked eggnog
  • Store-bought eggnog
  • Canned eggnog 
  • Homemade eggnog

What is the biggest concern regarding eggnog?

The biggest concern regarding the use of eggnog because of the presence of the eggs in it, if it is taken expired, it can cause foodborne illness in anyone.

There’s also another concern that most of the homemade eggnog used contains raw eggs which can cause salmonella if the eggnog is improperly prepared.

Here are the reasons to let you know whether eggnog is good for you or not.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “What goes with eggnog?” With an in-depth analysis of the things that go well with the eggnog. Moreover, we discussed the storage and the types of eggnog.



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