What does it mean when you crave onions?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What does it mean when you crave onions?”. We will elaborate on different reasons you might be craving onions for. 

What does it mean when you crave onions?

When you crave onions, it may mean:

  • Your body is deficient in some nutrients
  • Your liver is not functioning well
  • You may be sick
  • You may be pregnant

What are the reasons for onion cravings?

Have you ever experienced onion cravings? Certainly, at some moment, you have shrieked for it. But do not feel embarrassed, it is not uncommon. 

Cravings are not unreal. You may experience them any time, demonstrating a strong desire for something sugary, tart, bitter, or savoury. 

There might be times you have questioned yourself why you are craving onions. Cravings are an indicator of nutrient deficiencies in our bodies. It is, thus, important to listen to the body to have a better idea of why you feel different food cravings. Let’s have a look at some reasons for onion cravings. 

Your liver is not functioning well

Your liver depends on certain factors to function well. One of those is sulphur, and onions are a rich source of sulphur. 

If your liver is impaired, you might find that your body requires more sulphur to help support it working in a healthy way.

Individuals who follow a poor diet and lack nutrients might abruptly crave onions if their nutrition deficiency is triggering to damage their organs. Sometimes, our body craves different things indicating that it needs to stay fit. 

Other signs of liver damage may include:

  • Yellow skin and eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Light or yellow poop
  • Inflammation in the legs and ankles

Your body is deficient in nutrients

When we experience an intense desire for a specific food, it could be an indication that our body is reaching out to get something it needs. It could also imply that there is a nutrient deficit.

For instance, when your iron levels are low, you would crave salty snacks. You may find it a little strange because salty snacks don’t include too much iron or anything that your body needs though.

Some individuals with low iron levels also crave ice chips. While the craving may not satisfy the nutritional needs in some circumstances, in others it does. 

When you experience onion cravings, it can be either one of these things. Sometimes, people with a lack of nutrients do crave onions to fulfil those deficiencies. In other cases, the craving stems from something irrelevant.

To know which one it is, it is necessary to ponder upon why you may be craving onions and then review your present diet. This can support you in resolving why you are craving onions. 

Nutrients present in onions

If you are having onion cravings because of a lack of vitamins, it will more than likely be because of any of the below-mentioned vitamins or minerals. Onions are rich in: 

When your body is lacking vitamins, you would experience symptoms. For instance, a deficiency of fibre will cause you to feel more constipated. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it could indicate that your body demands you to have onions.

You may be sick

Onions are a superfood that you can consume to aid your body to undergo detoxification, and your body knows it.

They can also help to improve immunity, the credit goes to the vitamin C present in them. Due to this, you might feel that you have a severe craving for onion when you become sick, even if it is just a cold.

That is since your body tries to utilise the onion, and all of the significant nutrients it has, to eliminate toxins from your body and help you combat viruses or infections whatsoever your body is fighting with. It is just another method that your body is attempting to recover itself. 

You may be pregnant

It is extremely prevalent for pregnant females to experience onion cravings. There is actually some scientific reason behind it too! Unexpectedly, it is not just another usual craving.

Your body may crave onions when it needs to balance the hormonal levels. The body may take quite a while to recognise that it is pregnant, and the hormone imbalances are normal.

At this moment, those cravings might end. However, some pregnant females have reported that they have had cravings for onions throughout the complete gestation period. 

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What does it mean when you crave onions?”. We have elaborated on different reasons you might be craving onions for. 



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