What does it mean when you crave milk?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What does it mean when you crave milk?”. We will elaborate on different reasons you might be craving milk for. 

What does it mean when you crave milk?

When you crave milk, it may mean:

  • You are thirsty
  • You are hungry
  • You are craving sugar
  • It is comforting
  • Your body lack calcium or other minerals
  • You just ate something spicy
  • You are used to having milk

What are the reasons for milk cravings?

Have you ever experienced milk cravings? Certainly, at some moment, you have shrieked for it. But do not feel embarrassed, it is not uncommon. 

There might be times you have questioned yourself why you are craving milk, so here are a few explanations that might answer your query.

You are thirsty

One reason you are craving milk is that you may only be thirsty. Milk contains 87% water, so drinking a glass of milk could satisfy your craving. 

However, if you are monitoring your calories just have a glass of water. A good alternative is fruits as most contain almost 89% water.

You are hungry

Perhaps you skipped your lunch, or it is still very early for dinner, but out of the blue, you find yourself dying for something to eat. 

One cup of milk could rid the cravings for the nonce, and provide you with some nutrition as well as it comprises nearly 8g of proteins and 7g of fats.

You are craving sugar

It is easy to believe you are craving milk, when in actuality, you may be craving something else. 

For instance, that milk craving could be for sugar rather than milk. That is probably because milk is often complemented with sugary delights like chocolate milk or cookies and milk, your body may interpret your sugar desires as milk cravings. 

Do not worry (unless you are monitoring calories) because milk consists of approximately 12g of sugar per cup.

This also describes chocolate cravings too because milk and chocolate are so often associated with each other. The typical ‘milk chocolate’ says everything there is to know.

But would not an ice cream cone sound more appealing? Likely so, but you may desire to try replacing whole-grain bread, oats, or fruits rather.

It is comforting

You may be experiencing milk cravings because of some withdrawal signs. It has been proven by research that foods that have a mixture of fat and sugar stimulate the reward centre of the brain. Milk may be regarded as a “comfort food” in this sense.

Though lactose i.e, Milk sugar, is only almost 20% as sweet as cane sugar, it can still satisfy your cravings for sugar. Milk is also rich in natural fats. This may also help to explain why dairy products like ice cream are commonly consumed for emotional eating.

You are used to having milk

When you are in a habit of having something daily, your body and brain look forward to it. 

This is a routine that becomes intuitive, and you may be strolling over to the fridge even when you are not quite feeling hungry or thirsty. However, cravings are usually short-term, surviving only about 3-5 mins. Divert yourself and wait until the craving subsides. Or have something healthy like sparkling water or tea.

Your body lack calcium or other minerals

It could be possible that you are missing particular vitamins and minerals in your diet. Milk is loaded with 18 out of 22 vitamins and minerals required by the human body including Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

The best approach to satisfy your milk cravings is to obey the general principle of keeping your body hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water every single day. 

You just had something spicy

Obviously, not everything revolves around sugar. Oftentimes, it could be that you had something spicy and needed milk to get rid of those sizzling chilli pepper burns.

Did it ever cross your mind why milk helps to get rid of spiciness? That’s because many plant-based spicy foods consist of an oily chemical compound known as capsaicin. 

This compound is fat-soluble, which means that the 8g of fat present in one glass of milk helps to dissolve the capsaicin oil from the spicy meal you just had.

To sum up, milk cravings when you eat something spicy could actually be for milk fats, to lower the oily capsaicin compound present in spices.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What does it mean when you crave milk?”. We have elaborated on different reasons you might be craving milk for. 



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