What does Diamond mean on Uber Eats? (+7 Top features)

This article will discuss what ‘Diamond’ means on Uber Eats. We will also check out the various types of reward levels that are present in Uber Eats. Furthermore, we will look at the top features that are present in Uber Eat that users have enjoyed in the past. Uber Eats operates across six continents and is easily the top contender for the most popular food delivery app today.

What does Diamond mean on Uber Eats?

The Diamond level in Uber Eats is a reward level that appears if the customer has 7,500 points. Those members in Uber Eats who have a Diamond level can get three Uber Eats deliveries with absolutely no delivery charges for every six month. They can also get upgrades on their Uber Rides to Uber Black and get priority customer support.

Other reward levels in Uber Eats

Apart from the Diamond level, there are many other reward levels in Uber Eats, namely,

Blue Level

The Blue Level in Uber Eats means that the customer is fairly new to the platform and does not have any reward points as of yet. This also means that the customer does not get to enjoy any type of privileges or advantages.

Gold Level

The Gold Level in Uber Eats comes when the customer has 500 points to their name. At this level, the members can enjoy flexible cancellations. This means that the rider can book an Uber ride, cancel it and book another ride within a period of 15 minutes. The cancellation fee will be refunded. These members can also enjoy priority customer support.

Platinum Level

The Platinum Level in Uber Eats comes when the customer has 2,500 points. In this reward level, the members can avoid surge pricing which means that they will have to pay only the regular fare even when riding during peak hours. They can also enjoy airport pick up on priority in this reward level.

Top features in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a large number of features that can be advantageous to anyone and everyone. Some of the best features that can be found in this food delivery app have been described as follows.

Uber Eats has a pretty great collection of restaurants

Uber Eats has always been popular for the massive number of restaurants and menu options that are available in the app. The app has done a pretty great job at partnering with both high-end restaurants and even small eateries to suit everyone’s tastes. This smart curation of all types of restaurants is what sets Uber Eats apart.

It makes choosing easy

Customers in Uber Eats can easily make their choice from the large collection of restaurants through the means of smart filters in the app. These filters bring the options to the customer based on categories like cuisine type, time span of delivery and even price range. Furthermore, filters for nutritional requirements are also available.

The choices are personalized

Uber Eats uses the help of artificial intelligence in order to bring the right choices to the customer. The choices in this app are well-personalized and smartly curated as the algorithms pick up information from the customer’s ordering history. In this manner, the customer is able to order food in a quicker and easier manner.

It has a map feature

Uber Eats has also introduced a map feature through which the customers can pinpoint a certain location in the map and explore the different restaurants and eateries that are present in the locality. This feature can be great for those who want to try out new options that are near them which enable them to directly pick up food or have it delivered in a very short span of time.

It allows payments through different methods

The payments in Uber Eats can also be made through many different methods. Uber Eats allows customers to pay for their food using credit cards, debit cards, online banking and even digital wallets like Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. Furthermore, Uber cash can also be used to pay for food orders here.

It allows scheduled ordering

Uber Eats has a scheduled ordering feature through which the customers can place orders much in advance. The food orders can be placed in advance for a period of seven days. The customer will be notified through the help of push notifications of their order status. These scheduled orders will also be free of busy fees even if they are being delivered during peak hours.

Uber Eats also allows group ordering

Group ordering is another pretty new feature that Uber Eats has introduced. In this feature, the customer can create a group and add friends or coworkers and order dishes from a particular restaurant. Since all the individuals pay for their own food, this feature saves groups the trouble of splitting bills for food orders.

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This article has discussed what ‘Diamond’ means on Uber Eats. We have also checked out the various types of reward levels that are present in Uber Eats. Furthermore, we have looked at the top features that are present in Uber Eat that users have enjoyed in the past.

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