What does craving potatoes mean?

In this brief article, we will answer the questions what does craving potatoes mean, five potato based products and how to satisfy potato craving.

What does craving potatoes mean?

Craving potatoes means that you are  stressed, angry, frustrated or feeling resentment. Potato is available in different forms and it actually depends what type of potato you are craving

Potato is a starchy vegetable which is used all around the world as a food product. In some countries it is a staple food and in some areas it is used as a daily diet item. Potato has many varieties and is used in many forms.

Nutritional value of potato:

Potatoes are rich in many minerals and vitamins; it has an excessive amount of antioxidants as well. Potato is a starch rich diet and has impressive health benefits related to it. Due to its health benefits it is best for sugar control in blood, it also reduces risk of heart attack and increases the immunity.

Potato offers 77 calories per 100 grams serving, and has a good amount of vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and manganese. It also provides niacin and pantothenic acid when cooked properly. Potato is used in many recipes due to its health benefits and nutritional value.

Products of potato:

Potato is used worldwide for various purposes in food items and recipes. Potato based products are consumed on a daily basis and some of them are common to every person in this world. A few common potato products are as follows:

French fries:

In potato products French fries are the most common after whole potatoes. Every fast food retailer knows how to make French fries and every person has eaten it at least once in their life.

Grated potatoes:

Potatoes taste delicious in every form and are the favorite food of many people. when grated potatoes take the form of flakes and become crunchy in texture. Grated potato not only tastes good but it also has consistency to it which makes it very delicious.

Mashed Potatoes:

Potatoes are used as side dishes and main dishes as well, one of the common side dishes of potato is mashed potato. It offers a large amount of starch as it is only made of potato, some butter and salt. Adding this dish to chicken’s main dish improves the taste of both.

Potato chips:

In industry potatoes are used to make potato chips like lays, pringles etcetera. These potato chips are crunchy in nature and taste good when consumed. The main property of these chips is the crunchy flavor due to which many people prefer them.

Potato dumpling:

 A delicious potato treat made of mashed potato, flour and egg. These are small in size and decorated if needed. Dumplings are served best with onions, garlic, mushrooms and bacon. In this recipe the leftover potato after a meal can be used which makes it best in terms of saving as well as taste.

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What does craving potato means:

Craving is a natural way for our body to ask for a micronutrient that we might need at that time or sometimes it is just the need of the tongue. In the human body the energy is gained by food, when food breaks down in the stomach it helps produce ATP and thus energy in the body.

If you are craving a food item that definitely means you need energy and you don’t know about it. Well as far as potato craving is concerned it is actually a craving for something salty. Potato based products are usually salty and crunchy in nature.

If you are craving French fries or potato chips that mean your body needs something salty. Psychologically it is because one is going through some stress, resentment or anger. According to scientists, craving a potato is because the body is dehydrated.

The dehydrated body needs a salt to trick itself into thinking the need is fulfilled, but it might not be. After eating a potato based product the calcium level in the body increases which maintains the ion-balance in the body.

Ways to satisfy potato cravings:

If you are losing weight it is not always the best option to eat anything you want. You need a balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well. But eating a lot of processed food is not good for your health.

To avoid gaining weight due to potato and still satisfying craving you can eat something else. Eating yogurt is also an option, it severs the craving, rehydrates the body and half serving of potato equals one full serving of potato. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, fooling our body into thinking we ate something salty.

Craving a potato is not something dangerous or unhealthy instead it is okay. Craving potatoes means you are dehydrated which is not good for you and you need to drink a lot.


In this brief article, we have answered the questions what does craving potatoes mean, five potato based products and how to satisfy potato craving.