What does convection bake mean?

In this brief article, we will answer the question of what does convection bake mean and explain its three benefits of convection baking

What does convection bake mean?

Convection baking is a system of baking done in convection ovens. Convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system which helps blow the hot air around the food and vent it back out

What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is a simple oven but with a fan and exhaust system attached to it. The fans system is used to surround food with hot air to ensure even cooking of food. When the food is cooked, the exhaust system vents out the air to the surrounding

This type of oven ensures that the food is cooked from all the side to the core. The hot air surrounds the food, providing that hot air will be all over the food. This system cooks food quickly and correctly without any loss of heat or food.

When is Convection baking used?

Convection baking is still not a common type of baking, and it is used as a system when:


 Foods like meats, vegetables, and other solid foods are roasted in these types of ovens. Due to convection cooking, they roast quickly and evenly. The dry environment due to hot air leaves crispy skin and caramelizes the exteriors of the food

Baking pastries and pies:

 When baking in convection ovens, it melts fat and creates steam through vapors and hot air. This fastens the baking process, and the steam creates a higher lift in pastries’ dough. Use this type of baking when making croissants.

Making cookies:

 Convection cooking surrounds the food with hot air and allows the food to bake evenly. When a tray of cookies is placed inside the oven, the cookies are baked evenly and faster, especially if there are a lot of cookies

Cooking with the cover:

Every time you are cooking something with a cover or lid in it is better to do it in a convection oven. Cooking braise or a casserole dish is an example. The heat will reach the food due to hot air, and there will be no loss of moisture.


 When a food product is toasted or dehydrated, it loses moisture. Now the secret to good toast is the food loses the moisture as quickly as possible. When a convection oven is used, the food loses its moisture more rapidly and makes it efficient to use in case of toasting

When not to use a convection oven:

In baking, the food is in the form of a mixture or batter. There is fat on the surface of these batters, and when baked, the fat melts. This melting of this fat over the food will give negative results. Convection baking is a wrong choice when baking the following foods:

  • Custards and flans
  • Soufflés
  • Cakes
  • Quick bread and bread

How to use a convection oven?

Convection is a sample set that fastens the cooking process and evenly cooks the food. When using convection ovens, remember to use the following tips:

  • Lower the temperature of the oven as hot air will start to increase the temperature later. Always reduce the oven temperature by 25°F
  • In convection ovens, the food is cooked quickly before the given time. As the food is cooked quickly, it is better to check it a few minutes early before the given time; this will the food doesn’t burn
  • Keep the air circulating by continuous exposure of fans and vents to fresh air. You can use trays, roasting pans, and baking pans with lower sides. Don’t cover the oven shelves with foil; this will stop air circulation

Benefits of convection bake:

 Faster cooking:

Because hot air surrounds the food and increases the temperature, cooking in this type of oven is done faster and quicker. It cooks the food about 25% times more quickly than a regular oven

Evenly cooking: 

The food cooked by convection bake is evenly cooked and adequately heated. The whole surrounding of food ensures it by hot air.

Better at browning:

Hot air in convection creates a dry atmosphere in the oven that caramelizes the sugars faster and helps browse food. In a regular oven, the air is humid as moisture can’t escape. But in convection bake, the sugar caramelizes, and the interior of food remains moist

Difference between regular bake and convection bake:

  • Regular baking ovens takes more time than convection baking ovens
  • Regular bake needs more energy while in convection bake the same air is circulated thus saving energy
  • Regular baking ovens have a hotspot point where all the heat is subjected, while in convection bake the heat is evenly distributed


In this brief article, we have answered the question of what does convection bake mean and explain three benefits of convection baking