What does chamomile tea taste like? (+3 health benefits of chamomile tea)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what does chamomile tea taste like” with an in-depth analysis of the taste profile of chamomile tea. Moreover, we are going to discuss the benefits of chamomile tea and the proper way to store it along with the tips to make chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea is a refreshing and soothing drink with its amazing scent. The tea that is set up from the flower of chamomile is currently a mainstream drink owing to the various health benefits it provides. So if you are wondering if it really is worth the hype or not then you are at the right place as we are going to tell you thoroughly “what does moringa tea taste like”.

So without much ado, let’s dive in and figure out more about it.

What does chamomile tea taste like?

Chamomile has an outstandingly gentle hint of apple and an especially smooth, honey-like pleasantness to it. It’s very mellow in taste and is quite light with a nutty-root-like flavor. 

Its scent is really appealing and the light and refreshing taste of chamomile tea makes it one of the best drink choices that you should surely try.

The scented kind of chamomile tea is somewhat fancy and hearty with its texture being somewhat clean, smooth, and pretty relieving. 

In any case, this calming and somewhat sweet tea can taste unpleasant is when on the off chance you add too many dried chamomile flowers or tea packs to the water and brew them for a really long time.

How do you serve chamomile tea?

You can serve camomile tea in a variety of ways and can even add ingredients like lemon, lemongrass, or honey to give it your own customized touch.

Peppermint, cinnamon, milk, lavender, or sometimes a hint of ginger and soy milk can give your chamomile tea a good blend of flavors.

Can you put lemon in chamomile tea?

Yes, you can put lemon or lemongrass in your chamomile tea to further enhance its freshness and health benefits. Adding lemon also gives the chamomile tea a hint of tanginess. 

Does chamomile tea contain caffeine?

No, chamomile tea does not contain caffeine. Therefore it does not disturb your sleep cycle rather the antioxidants present in it help you to get a sound peaceful sleep.

How to store chamomile tea?

If you have fresh chamomile flowers, then it is recommended to dry them in a dry place away from direct sunlight or you can even use a microwave or food dehydrator to completely dry the chamomile flowers. Afterward, put them in an air-tight jar or container and store them in a dry, cool place preferably in your cabinet or pantry. 

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What are the benefits of chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea has a lot of health benefits. It impacts your body from head to toe in a positive manner. 

Benefit blood sugar level

Drinking chamomile tea has been associated with lowering blood sugar levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties may halt the damage that is induced upon the cells of the pancreas because of the high blood sugar level.

As it prevents the damage of the pancreatic cells, therefore the insulin production from the pancreas will take place at a good rate that will result in lowering the overall blood sugar level in the body.

Promote gut health

It has been proved that chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is also seen to help in the prevention of stomach ulcers as it decreases the acidity of the stomach and also inhibits bacterial growth in the stomach. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants and relieves many gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, it can also be used to treat nausea, bloating, and gas.

Improve sleep quality

Chamomile tea has been proven to improve the quality of your sleep. It contains an antioxidant, apigenin that has a beneficial impact on promoting sleepiness. Therefore chamomile tea can help to reduce your insomnia and chronic inability to sleep.

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Tips to make chamomile tea

  1. For a mild flavoring tea, steep the tea no more than 3-4 times but if you are aiming for strong flowery flavored tea then you can steep it 5-6 times or even more.
  2. For each cup of water, you can use somewhat 1-4 tbsp of dried chamomile powder but this quantity totally depends on how strong you want your tea to be.
  3. To further enhance the flavor and taste of your chamomile tea, we recommend you to add some ginger, honey, or lemon to your tea.
  4. You can even try to mix it with other teas like ginger or hibiscus tea for a more exotic flavor.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “what does chamomile tea taste like” with an in-depth analysis of the taste profile of chamomile tea. Moreover, we discussed the benefits of chamomile tea and the proper way to store it along with the tips to make chamomile tea.



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