What does a mango taste like?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What does a mango taste like?”. We will further talk about the nutrients and texture of mangoes, along with their benefits.

What does a mango taste like?

Mangoes have a somewhat sweet taste when ripened, while they are sour and tarty when unripened.  

Generally, ripened mangoes are pulpy, moderately stringy, and sweet with an underlying tinge of sour and pine taste. Whereas, unripened mangoes are tough, fibrous, and have a flavour more like tart limes. 

Many people define ripened mangoes as having a tropical flowery taste while others regard their taste as being more citrus-like and tart. 

How to know if a mango has ripened?

In a nutshell, mangoes belong to the drupe family. This simply signifies that the mango comprises only one pit inside and the outer flesh of the mango is edible. Another thing you would like to know is that a mango grows on a stem on its plant. 

To know if a mango has ripened or not, you will have to make use of your sense of smell and touch. 

Unripened mangoes are hard as bricks and typically green. On ripening, the mangoes will turn yellow, orange, or red according to their variety. 

While ripened mangoes can be judged by their unique smell and when they “come apart” a bit when you press them down. If your fingers press into the mangoes smoothly, they have probably overripened. 

What are some common varieties of mangoes?

Let us dig into some common varieties of mangoes:

Haden Mango

Haden mango is certainly most people’s favourite and the variety that is most easily available. This is one of the largest types of mango and has forever been one of the most favoured picks. 

It is known for its sweetness with a tinge of tropical aroma and flavour with little coconut and pineapple in the combination. If you adore tropical fruits and delicacies, you will definitely enjoy Haden mangoes. 

White Alfonso

This special variety of mango can oftentimes be more difficult to find but it has been regarded as the best mango you can ever find.

Just like Haden mangoes, White Alfonso mangoes are also extremely tropical in flavour but you will also feel traces of pine and coconut in the flavour, giving you a well-balanced palette that is tempting. 

Praya Sowoy

If you are craving something that is not very sweet, then Praya Sowoy is definitely a good pick for you. They are mildly sweet and the fruity flavour is also more slight.

Praya Sowoy also has a touch of pine and floral with their sweetness being not very heavy. 

Royal Special

This variety of mango is exceptional. Royal Special mangoes are not very sweet, much like Praya Sowoy mangoes but they bring in some traces of a raspberry taste to them that make them tart and sweet similar to a berry while still possessing those floral and woodsy hints as well. 


Another popular type of mango is Malindi.

Malindi mango has all of the traces of the other varieties and combines them together, giving you sweet yet mild flavour as well as bringing in the tropical, pine, and floral flavours into a single well-balanced flavour. 

You must have noticed that while there are various varieties, each of them is sweet and tropical in its own way with some touches of floral and pine notes that truly make them delicious.

The taste of all of these varieties of mangoes is derived from a compound called furaneol. Furaneol almost has a strawberry scent and taste. It is also present in pineapples, which is where you get that slight tropical or pineapple taste or scent from. 

Additionally, mangoes also possess 3-carene, which is where you get those slight woodsy flavours. 3-carene is responsible for the pine yet sweet hints that it reveals. 

Between these two compounds, you will notice a touch of woodsy flavour with plenty of sweet taste that is slightly tropical and it makes a truly splendid flavour blend.

Mangoes have become increasingly famous as people realise just how delicious they are.

More about mangoes


Eating a mango boosts your immunity, improves the digestive system, eyesight and helps to lower the risk of certain cancers.

Mangoes also help in controlling iron absorption, supporting the growth and repair of the body.

Mangoes are also enriched with minerals and antioxidants. They can also play their part in losing weight once substituted with the unhealthy snacks in the diet.

The addition of mangoes to the diet can also strengthen your hair and skin health.


In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What does a mango taste like?”. We have further talked about the nutrients and texture of mangoes, along with their benefits.



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