What do you get in a Blue Apron box? (+7 Blue Apron tips)

In this article, we will be explaining what you get in a Blue Apron box. We will also be showing you a few healthy ways that you can use to make the best use out of your Blue Apron meal kit. Finally, we will be checking out some of the unique features that are present in Blue Apron, that make it a very popular meal kit delivery service.

What do you get in a Blue Apron box?

In a Blue Apron box, you will get the following things:

  • You will be receiving the ingredients that you need for the recipe, such as the vegetables, fruits and the meat
  • You will be getting the seasonings that are required to cook the meal. However, salt, pepper and cooking oil will not be included in the box
  • You will also be receiving the recipe that you will need to follow in order to cook the meal

Healthy tips for Blue Apron

If you use the meal kits in Blue Apron on a daily basis, you have already made a great decision for your health. However, there are still many easy ways that you can use to make your Blue Apron meal kits much healthier. Some of these ways have been explored in the section below.

Double your produce

Perhaps the best way to make your meal kit a lot healthier is to just double the portion of your veggies and other produce. By bringing more veggies and greens to your meal kits, you will be increasing the amount of nutrients and fiber in your meal. You will also be stretching your meal, to get the best out of your meal kit.

Ditch the soda

Another healthy tip that you can use for your meal kit is to ditch the soda and other sugary drinks. Sodas can add tons of empty calories to your body and this can definitely be harmful for your system. They can also completely offset the nutritional value of your meal kit, especially if you are trying to eat healthier.

Follow the 1/4th rule

If you eat a lot of meat, you can follow the 1/4th rule. According to the 1/4th rule, only 25 percent of your plate should be covered in meat. The rest needs to be covered with veggies and other healthy greens. You can also create a tradition of meatless Mondays to reduce the consumption of meat in your meal.

Eat half now, the rest later

If you are trying to reduce your intake, you can try portion control. In portion control, you will be eating half of your meal now, and then saving the rest for later. If you need help in this area, you can try eating the proteins on your plate first so that you feel fuller easily. This can also help you avoid the lethargy and bloating that comes with large meals.

Opt for the WW meals

Another tip that you can use in Blue Apron is to opt for the Weight Watchers meals. These meals are created in collaboration with Weight Watchers or WW and can be superb for anyone who is trying to lose weight and eat healthy at the same time. These meals are low in calories but pretty high in nutrition and thus can be a healthier alternative.

Use less salt

You also might want to hold the salt when you are cooking with your Blue Apron meal kit. Firstly, salt once added cannot be removed and many of the ingredients in the meal kits may come pre-seasoned or marinated. Secondly, salt can lead to high sodium levels in the blood which can be dangerous for the heart as well as your kidneys.

Go easy on the sugar

If your recipe calls for sugar, you can try using natural sweeteners like honey and mashed dates. These options can definitely be a lot healthier for you than sugar and can also add nutrients and antioxidants to your meal. Blue Apron also has tons of healthy dessert options that are also pretty easy to prepare.

Unique features of Blue Apron

Blue Apron is well-stocked with very useful features that are unique to it. The best of these have been shared as follows.

  • Blue Apron not only offers meal kits that need to be prepared and cooked from scratch, but there are also several microwaveable options available. These are called Heat and Eat options and come pre-cooked to the customer’s address. They only need to be heated in the microwave for a few minutes.
  • Blue Apron also has a wine delivery service that operates in some states of the US. The wines are delivered along with special information about them and their histories and what meals they would be paired well with. There are also smaller bottles of wine that can be perfect for singles and couples.
  • Customers will also find that there is a Blue Apron market. In this market, the customer can find various types of kitchenware for their household needs. There is also a pantry section, where the customer can purchase seasonings and spices for their cooking needs.

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In this article, we have explained what you get in a Blue Apron box. We have also shown you a few healthy ways that you can use to make the best use out of your Blue Apron meal kit. Finally, we have checked out some of the unique features that are present in Blue Apron, that make it a very popular meal kit delivery service.

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