What do you eat Christmas pudding with?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, what do you eat Christmas pudding with? We will discuss the dressings and sauces that you can eat Christmas pudding with and some easy ways to prepare them. We will also discuss some approaches to make a desirable Christmas pudding. 

What do you eat Christmas pudding with?

You may eat Christmas pudding with a hard sauce made such as brandy butter or rum butter. You can also eat it with cream, lemon cream, vanilla ice cream, custard, or sweetened bechamel. 

Other times Christmas pudding is sprinkled with caster sugar and eaten. Another exciting way is to make your Christmas pudding with fig and muscat and season with zesty orange custard. 

If we focus on fancy and divine options to eat Christmas pudding with, you will need more than one ingredient and some preparation time to create a premium dressing to eat your Christmas pudding with.

 Some heavenly options to include can be butterscotch pudding, gingerbread trifle, cranberry toffee sauce.

Make steamed fig, chai custard, and whisky, rest on your Christmas pudding for 2 months. Warm it on Christmas day and serve.

  • Tropical Christmas Pudding

Make a tropical Christmas pudding by adding dried, chopped mangoes, apricots, and prunes. Then serve the finished Christmas pudding topped with spun sugar crown, brown sugar, cream, and fresh mangoes. To make brown sugar cream, beat all the ingredients together. 

  • Christmas Pudding with Fruit and Chocolate

Other times Christmas pudding is served with a rich chocolate dressing with lots of juicy fruits. You can prepare a chocolate sauce to dress it over the Christmas pudding or put chocolate chips inside the pudding before you bake.

To make this chocolaty goodness, you add lots of marshmallows, crunchy biscuits, some biscuits, and of course chocolate sauce. The fruits that do well on top of Christmas pudding are cherries, plums, strawberries, and any other stone fruit that you may prefer. 

How to prepare your ideal Christmas pudding?

Christmas Pudding is a lightly-steamed fruitcake. The ingredients added to Christmas pudding are usually, raisins, currants, suet, brown sugar, breadcrumbs, citron, lemon peel, orange peel, flour, mixed spices, eggs, milk, and brandy. 

In the UK, Christmas pudding is a crucial part of Christmas. Hence, in Britain, Ireland, and England, the Christmas celebration calls that you have this dessert that is baked like a regular cake with the addition of nuts, spices, and sometimes even meat.

 With the advent of exploring and experimenting with flavors, beef, mutton, raisins, currants, prunes, wines, and spices are also added to Christmas puddings.

You can experiment with flavors, ingredients, and sauces and find out what you like best with your Christmas pudding. You can either buy store-bought sauces and custards or even make them at home.  

What are some recipes to make sauces for your Christmas pudding?

The classic sauces to eat with your Christmas pudding are; Brandy or rum sauce, Brandy Butter sauce, or custard sauce. Let us discuss the preparation method for each of these sauces. 

  1. Brandy Sauce

The original sauce to prepare is the brandy sauce. Even though there is already brandy in your Christmas Pudding, adding a brandy sauce makes it even better. Make sure to make a brandy sauce if you already have brandy in your Christmas pudding. If you have rum in your Christmas pudding, then the brandy sauce will not contemplate it well. 

  1. Brandy butter Sauce

A slight deviation of the standard brandy sauce is Brandy butter sauce. It is also a terrific option to serve over your Christmas pudding. 

To make Brandy butter sauce take good qualtiy dairy butter, and whip some icing sugar in it. Then, add a bit of brandy to the sauce. 

Scoop a dollop of the brandy butter sauce and pour it on your Christmas pudding. The sauce drowns in the Christmas cake and pentrates all of its goodness into it.  

  1. Custard Sauce

Custard sauce may not be the traditional way to eat your Christmas pudding but it goes well with most British desserts. You can make the custard sauce at home or get a storebought version. 

Plain vanilla custard is the ideal choice. As Christmas puffing is already bursting with flavor, vanilla adds a nice, mellow touch to it. You do not want to overpower the taste of your Christmas pudding with a lot of intense flavors. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, what do you eat Christmas pudding with? We discussed the dressings and sauces that you can eat Christmas pudding with and some easy ways to prepare them. We also discussed some approaches to make a desirable Christmas pudding. 

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