What do you eat Christmas cake with? (5 Various options)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, what do you eat Christmas cake with? We will discuss all the options you can consider eating with your Christmas cake.

What do you eat Christmas cake with?

You ought to eat Christmas cake with cheese if you are from the UK. If not, then you can eat ice cream or keep a nice beverage such as tea or coffee. 

Any kind of cheese goes well with Christmas cake and is customary in most of the UK to have cheese with your Christmas cake. 

Christmas cake tastes good on its own, with a generous serving of dried fruits. It also has layers of marzipan and icing making it extremely palatable. 

However, there are slight variations of toppings and edibles served alongside the Christmas cake depending on the region you live in. 

In Japan, the Christmas cake is eaten with strawberries while in Italy the Christmas cake is served with raisin and candied citrus fruit at the top. 

In France, Belgium, Switzerland, French Canada, Luxembourg, and Lebanon, a special kind of Christmas cake is prepared called Yule Log cake and is served with a generous topping of buttercream. 


You can eat a Christmas cake with good quality white cheddar or blue cheese, White or Blue Stilton Wensleydale, Stilton, or very mature cheddar cheese Stilton Crumbly cheese.

Ice cream 

 You can also eat Christmas cake with ice cream. You can try any flavor of your choice including vanilla and chocolate. Simple ice creams work better when served alongside Christmas cake without overpowering the flavors of the cake. 

If your Christmas cake is very spicy, with a prominent cinnamon taste, try it with lemon ice cream. You can even get the classic Wensleydale ice cream. 


 Christmas cake is also eaten with custard. Custard is widely accepted as an option to be eaten alongside other desserts. 

What kind of cheese can you eat with your Christmas cake?

You can eat White cheddar or blue cheese with your Christmas cake.  The first option that everyone votes for is Wensleydale. Otherwise, Stilton Crumbly cheese and blue cheese can also be opted for. 

The most significant aspect of using cheese to complement the Christmas cake is the ratio. The desirable ratio is 50 and 50, to make the best of both worlds.

The crumbly cheese is manufactured by Cheshire, Lancashire, Caerphilly, and Wensleydale and makes for the classic Christmas cake experience.

  1. Blue Cheese

Christmas cake has a sweet and spicy taste owing to cinnamon, mixed spices, and all spices that you add to it. When you eat Christmas cake with blu cheese, it provides a buttery and salty touch to it. 

  1. Crumbly cheese

White cheddar is the best crumbly cheese to choose to eat with your Christmas cake. 

 Crumbly cheese is manufactured by Wensleydaleby, Cheshire, Lancashire, Caerphilly, and makes for the classic Christmas cake experience. 

Crumbly cheese is matured for 2-3 months and tastes clean, and sharp with a crumbly and zesty texture. Wensleydale is the most popular kind of cheese in Yorkshire. Wensleydale was the first kind of cheese to make its way next to the Christmas cake.

Wensleydale has a sharp, lactic taste that cancels out the taste of current and fig in the Christmas cake. If the cake is soft and moist, crumbly cheese tastes quite well.

How to make a Christmas cake?

An easy recipe to prepare your Christmas cake in early November and let it mature until Christmas arrives. 

  • Add butter, brown sugar, dried fruit, glazed cherries, orange juice, and orange zest, lemon zest, and cherry brandy to a pot. Let the contents bubble on a stovetop for 10 minutes. 
  • Wait for the mix to cool down and then add ground almonds and eggs.
  •  Stir the ingredients together and bring in flour, baking powder, mixed spice, cinnamon, and allspice and stir all the ingredients.
  • Take your cake tin and pour the cake batter in. Bake the mixture at 150 celsius or 300 Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. 
  • Bake for further 60-75 minutes at 275 Fahrenheit.
  • Take the cake out of the oven and skewer it repeatedly. Add two spoons of brandy to the cake. 
  • Wrap the cake in parchment paper, foil and rest it in a tin. 
  • Feed the cake with cherry brandy every week until you put the icing on it. Feeding the Christmas cake is an important process because it gives the cake a moist and smooth texture and a fruity taste. 

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In this brief guide, we answered the question, what do you eat Christmas cake with? We discussed all the options you can consider eating with your Christmas cake.