What do lobsters eat?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “What do lobsters eat?” and the information on feeding lobster in a tank.

What do lobsters eat?

It was once believed that lobsters were scavengers that consumed largely decomposing matter. Studies have shown that lobsters collect predominantly fresh food (save for bait), which can include things like fish, crabs, clams, mussels, sea urchins, and even other lobsters. Lobsters do not use bait to catch their food.

In the following, we will examine some of their favorite types of prey:


Indeed, lobsters will eat shrimp if given a chance. Shrimp is the primary source of nutrition for Caribbean hairy lobsters.


Lobsters feed on a variety of different types of aquatic worms, including horseshoe worms, flatworms, roundworms, and arrow worms.

Urchins of the Sea

The nutrition that spiny lobsters get from sea urchins is of the highest possible quality. On the ocean floor, there are many distinct species of sea urchins, and these creatures will consume each one of them.

Meat from a Carrion

The vast majority of lobsters, and spiny lobsters, in particular, will consume dead animals or carrion if they find it on the ocean floor or floating in the water. They will eat any meat that they can get their claws on. Anything goes.

Algae/Plant life

Lobsters from both the United States and Europe particularly like feeding on algae. Since they reside on the seafloor, lobsters are in an ideal position to feed on the algae that bloom in abundance there. Lobsters consume a highly diverse array of algae, and they do it on their whole. Some lobsters also consume zooplankton and plants that are flowering in their environment.


Mollusks are a primary source of nutrition for both American and Caribbean spiny lobsters. Mollusks come in 85,000 different species and subspecies. Lobsters will consume any of these animals that live on the ocean floor if they come upon them.


Both American and spiny lobsters consume crustaceans as part of their diet. Crayfish, prawns, krill, and barnacles are some examples of hard-shelled arthropods that are found on the beach. Other examples include barnacles. Lobsters eat a wide array of other marine organisms.


Lobsters with claws, such as the American and Marine varieties, have a preference for a diet consisting of fish. During the hunting process, they would wait patiently in one place for smaller fish to swim past. The fish will be seized by the claws of the lobster so swiftly that they won’t even have time to realize what’s happening to them.

How do Lobsters Find Their Food?

Lobsters have a well-deserved reputation for foraging for food in the dark. Lobsters can “sniff out” their prey in the dark by using the four tiny antennae that are located on their heads in conjunction with the hairs that cover their body. Because of the extraordinary sensitivity of their sense of smell, they can detect even the tiniest trace amounts of amino acid in the foods that they love.

Because they need calcium to rebuild their shells, lobsters consume more food when their old shells begin to decay. A newborn lobster will finish up an 8-centimeter jellyfish within four days of its life.

I’ve heard that lobsters will eat other lobsters, but is that true?

Lobsters are known to consume one another. This behavior has traditionally been observed most frequently in lobsters held in captivity because they are confined to small places. But that may soon change.

In their natural environments, lobsters are omnivores, which means that they will consume nearly everything they come across in the water or on the ocean floor. In recent trials in which young lobsters were used as bait, researchers were surprised to find that adult lobsters were the most common predators of young lobsters. This finding came as a complete surprise to the researchers.

How do you feed a lobster that is kept in a tank?

In captivity, lobsters often eat a combination of live seafood and pellet meal. Wild lobsters consume a wide variety of marine life, including fish, clams, oysters, mussels, and starfish as part of their diet. Spiny lobsters, one of the most common species kept in aquariums, have dietary requirements that include both pellets and other types of seafood. Plant-based pellets are accessible at pet stores.

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In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “What do lobsters eat?” and the information on feeding lobster in a tank.



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