What delivery app has the cheapest delivery fee? (+9 Types of fees)

In this post, we will discuss which delivery app has the cheapest delivery fee. In addition to this, we will be checking out the various other fees that are involved in food delivery apps. Furthermore, we will list the different advantages that customers can experience while using food delivery apps.

What delivery app has the cheapest delivery fee?

When comparing the top food delivery apps in the market, we can see that Uber Eats has the cheapest delivery fee. This is one of the reasons why this food delivery app is pretty popular, even though the base price here may be much higher than others. Uber Eats also has an Eats Pass or Uber One subscription which allows unlimited deliveries without delivery fees.

Fees involved in food delivery apps

Food delivery apps have a number of fees that users will need to pay in addition to their food. The various fees that are present in food delivery apps have been explored in the section below.

Actual cost of the food

The majority of the chunk of the fees in food delivery apps is the cost of the food. However, the costs of the dishes that are presented in the food delivery app will be much higher than the physical restaurant. Still, food delivery apps often run promos and offers through which the cost of the food becomes much lesser, sometimes even lesser than the physical restaurant.

Service fee

There are also service fees that are involved in food delivery apps. This is for actually using the services of this app to order the food. The cost can vary from platform to platform and is usually around 10% of the order subtotal. Some food delivery apps have much higher service fees than other apps.

Delivery fee

There is also a delivery fee in these food delivery apps. This fee mainly depends on the location of the customer and the location of the restaurant. Those restaurants that operate much closer to the customer can deliver the food with a much lower delivery fee. However, restaurants that use their own couriers to deliver the food do not have a delivery fee.

Priority delivery fee

Some food delivery apps have a priority delivery fee. This is only if the customer wants their order to be delivered in a very short span of time. Once they have opted for the priority delivery, the customer will be assured that the delivery person will come straight to them without stopping on the way for any other pick-ups or deliveries.

Small order fee

Small order fees are also present in almost every food delivery app. Each app has its own minimum cost that constitutes a small order. To avoid this small order fee, customers can easily place more items in their cart.

Delivery adjustment fee

Delivery adjustment fees are also present in food delivery apps. These come up if the customer has added changes to their original food order, such as an edit in the address to which the food needs to be delivered. In this case, the delivery adjustment fee will increase based on the new location of the delivery.

Busy fee

Busy fees are present in every food delivery app. These fees are applied when the orders are placed during peak hours as the demand can very much exceed the number of delivery personnel in the system. The peak hours can vary depending on the city or region but are often during lunch hours and weekends.

CA Driver Benefits fee

If the customer is residing in California, CA Drivers Benefits fee will also be added to the order subtotal. This is in line with the California Proposition 22 through which independent contracted drivers gain benefits such as healthcare stipends, insurance coverage and even a minimum earnings guarantee.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees are applied when the customer decides to cancel the order once the food preparation has begun to take place. This cancellation fees is to mainly make up the time and effort that the delivery person has put into the order.

Advantages of using food delivery apps

Food delivery apps are becoming a stable feature in almost everyone’s phone these days. These apps bring more than just a convenient way of ordering food. There are a wide range of reasons why these are so popular today. Some of these reasons are,

  • Food delivery apps can help customers save a ton of money through promo codes, discounts and special offers.
  • Customers are exposed to a high number of restaurants that can cover plenty of cuisines, menu options, closeness to the customer and even prices.
  • Customers can enjoy food from even restaurants which are placed very far away and even those which may be difficult to access. The food is also delivered to the customer in insulated bags through which the quality of the dish is preserved.
  • Most food delivery apps allow pre-ordering or scheduled ordering through which the customer can order meals much in advance. This can be a life-saver for those who have very busy time-tables.


In this post, we have discussed which delivery app has the cheapest delivery fee. In addition to this, we have checked out the various other fees that are involved in food delivery apps. Furthermore, we have listed the different advantages that customers can experience while using food delivery apps.

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